Is "flowRoot" SVG 1.2 tag?

Asked by Alan

I'm using Inkscape for the first time to create example SVG files that can be displayed in the (Mac-OSX) Safari, or (Mac-OSX) Chrome browsers. I imported a PNG and then made a circled a region and added some text. When I try to display the SVG file in a browser the circled region appears, but the text does NOT appear. I looked at the SVG file and below is the XML for the circled region and text area.

From what I read on the Internet the "flowRoot" tag is an SVG 1.2 tag, and I suspect the browsers don't display those yet.

Here is my question. (Assuming that is the issue) How can I configure Inkscape to only output SVG tags that can be displayed in browsers like Safari, and Google's Chrome.

If that isn't the issue, then any idea what is?


       d="m 351.42857,501.6479 c -12.85714,-12.14286 -15,-20.71429 -15,-20.71429 l 7.85714,-9.28571 12.14286,-0.71429 10.71429,3.57143 7.14285,10 -1.42857,10.71428 L 365,501.6479 z"
       style="fill:none;stroke:#000000;stroke-width:1px;stroke-linecap:butt;stroke-linejoin:miter;stroke-opacity:1" />
           id="rect3139" /></flowRegion><flowPara
         id="flowPara3141">Example region outlined below.</flowPara><flowPara
         id="flowPara3143">Image taken 10/25/2010 </flowPara></flowRoot> </g>


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Best su_v (suv-lp) said :

Please read

The current 'Flowed Text' implementation of Inkscape was based on an earlier (now obsolete) draft for SVG 1.2 and is not compatible with other SVG viewers. If you want to share or publish your drawings in SVG format (Inkscape SVG or Plain SVG), do not create 'flowed text' objects (click, don't click-drag when creating text objects) or convert flowed text to regular text with menu 'Text > Convert to text' and save a copy to be published [1].

This issue is known and tracked in
Bug #167335 in Inkscape: “flowed text has no SVG 1.1-compliant fallback”:

[1] (if you need to edit the text later it might be better to keep the original version with the flowed text, saved as Inkscape SVG, and save a copy as Plain SVG with the text converted).

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Alan (alansnyder2000) said :

Yes, this solves the problem. I just downloaded this program yesterday to prepare for some HTML5 projects using (only Safari, and Chrome browsers). As a new user I would suggest making the name of a file with "flowed text" as "SVG+non-compliant Flowed Text", since I suspect as more HTML5 users discover Inkscape this type of question might become more common.

Just a thought.