How do I Curve fonts and make them available to cut in another program?

Asked by Shannon Tain on 2010-08-04

I am having trouble correctly curving text around my image. In addition, I can not figure out how to get my font to cut in Sure Cuts a Lot. Please Help!!!!

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Shannon Tain (countrycrew3) said : #1

I am trying to create a Logo for my Husbands RC Car track. I designed my image and created a half circle to curve my text above my image. The problem I am having is that even though I changed the fill and stroke to white/no fill or stroke, once my image is loaded into SCAL the half circle shows up and it changes shape and position. Further more, SCAL will not show the text and says that I must first change the text in Inkscape to an Outline . . . . . which does nothing to the text. How do I curve my text and insure that the Circle I use is hidden and not cut . . . and how do I change the font to be able to cut?

su_v (suv-lp) said : #2

> I am having trouble correctly curving text around my image.

Could you describe what you have tried so far and how it fails? Maybe you could make your SVG file available too, so answers could be more specific about your problem? The free image hosting service <> for example accepts and serves SVG.

> In addition, I can not figure out how to get my font to cut in Sure Cuts a Lot.

Not sure about that - did you try to convert the text(s) to paths (using menu 'Path > Object to Path') before saving as 'Desktop Cutting Plotter (R13) (*.dxf)' or importing the SVG into your 'Sure Cuts a Lot' software?

su_v (suv-lp) said : #3

Sorry, missed your second comment while writing my previous one...

su_v (suv-lp) said : #4

In case you save the drawing as 'Desktop Cutting Plotter (R13) (*.dxf)' file to be opened in SCAL, these links could be relevant to your problem:

Topic in
Related bug report in Inkscape's bug tracker:

Else it would be helpful to have access to the SVG file to investigate what causes the displacement of the half circle and possibly the text too (after having converted it to paths in Inkscape).

Shannon Tain (countrycrew3) said : #5

I was able to curve my text around a half circle using TEXT>PUT ON PATH . . which then attaches it to the half circle I had created. I am not sure if this is the correct way to do it because once I import my image into SCAL the Half circle shows and changes shape and position and I don't want it to show. I should have told you that I am a NEWBIE to the Inkscape program and I am trying to teach myself from the manuel . . but I am no graphic designer and a lot of the terms I don't quite understand. Any who, "Desktop Cutting Plotter (R13) (*.dxf)" I do not know what this is . . I just save my image as an svg file straight from Inkscape and them import it into SCAL for cutting with my Cricut. SCAL tells my that I must first change my font to an outline in order for me to cut it . . . I thought I knew how to do this under VIEW>DISPLAY MODE>OUTLINE, but again I am new to this program and am just learning. I will try to load my file to make it easier for you to help . . . I really appreciate your time. Thank You so Much!

Shannon Tain (countrycrew3) said : #6 this is the URL that the site gave my for my uploaded image.

su_v (suv-lp) said : #7

In Inkscape, use 'Path > Object to Path' to convert the text to a path (outline) and save the file under a new name if you want to keep the original to be able to edit the text as text later in case you rework your design or logo.

After converting the text to path, you can delete the half-circle used for 'Text > Put on Path' (and yes, 'Put on Path' is the easiest way to create a curved text in Inkscape ;-) ).

(I haven't looked at your file yet, but thanks for posting the link!)

su_v (suv-lp) said : #8

About your file:

Applying 'Filter > ABCs > Black Outline' does not help with SCAL: remove the filter effects with 'Filters > Remove Filters' and then convert the text to path as previously mentioned.

For the half-circle: make it visible again (fill off, stroke black) and delete it in Inkscape, after having converted the text to path (using 'Path > Object to Path'). Then save a copy of your file as Inkscape SVG and open that file in SCAL, keeping the original Inkscape SVG unchanged so you can work on the text or the curve later if you decide to change something.

Shannon Tain (countrycrew3) said : #9

Thank you so so so much. You really helped me out. I will try your advice now. I really can not stress how appreciative I am for all your help. Thanks again!! :)

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