installing two versions of inkscape

Asked by vwanweb on 2010-05-09

Is it possible to have the 0.47 production and the 04.8 beta versions installed on the same PC (WinVista32bit)?
If yes what is the 'recommended' method/process of installing both of them?

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jazzynico (jazzynico) said : #1

Yes. You can install a version (the stable one?) with the usual installer, and then use compressed versions (from for all the development versions you want to try. Just unzip the file to the folder of your choice, and run inkscape directly from it.

vwanweb (vwanweb) said : #2

Thank you, but which version of the compressed files is the latest 0.48 beta version?

 is this is it:?

inkscapeR9389-1004300032.7z 29-Apr-2010 21:34 30M ( I got this from the webpage you noted)

extract from the webpage you provided me:

Inkscape Win32 builds are listed as InkscapeNNNNN-YYMMDDHHMM.7z. 'NNNNN' is the revision number. These are the complete runnable distributions, with all support files and locales included. To use, just unzip the inkscape directory onto your hard drive and run.

Best jazzynico (jazzynico) said : #3

> is this is it:?
> inkscapeR9389-1004300032.7z 29-Apr-2010

Yes. The latest version is always the most recently added file.

vwanweb (vwanweb) said : #4

Thank you JazzyNico,

had a bit of a snag with 7zip, would error on me when double clicking the downloaded file, finally got it to work by using 'extract to' ... Once I extracted inkscape beta it worked fine..

Appreciate all you and your team do..


vwanweb (vwanweb) said : #5

Thanks JazzyNico, that solved my question.