s there a way to set the default settings to metric so that millimeters comes up as the measurement every time? Please advise.

Asked by Korky Paul on 2010-02-12

s there a way to set the default settings to metric so that millimeters comes up as the measurement every time? Please advise.

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Best jazzynico (jazzynico) said : #1


The units are set in the documents, and there's no system wide parameter.
But you can modify the default template or create a new one with mm instead of px.

The default template is located in /usr/share/inkscape/template/ on Linux, and in C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\templates on Windows, and is named default.<your_language>.svg.
All you need is replace px with mm in the line:

You can also create a different file in your Inkscape preferences directory (~/.config/inkscape/templates on Linux, C:\Documents and Settings\<your login>\Application Data\Inkscape\templates on Windows), but you'll have to open it with File>New and choose the new template in the list each time you need it.


Korky Paul (illustrator) said : #2

Thanks JazzyNico, that solved my question.

Jaap (jaap-tuxic) said : #3

I can change px to mm for almost anything in the default.svg file, but every time I start, the status bar below indicates Stroke with in px (even though it's set to mm in the Fill and Stroke dialogue. Is there a trick to get that to show mm as the default as well?

jazzynico (jazzynico) said : #4

@jaap. Congratulations, you've found a bug nobody noticed before (or at least didn't report)!
I'm going to add it to our bug management system. Thanks!

jazzynico (jazzynico) said : #5

Reopening a very old bug (from Inkscape 0.43!) which was marked "invalid" for a wrong reason...
Bug linked to this quesiton.

su_v (suv-lp) said : #6

Recommended reading [1]:
The interface changed slightly in 0.91 - it uses a dialog instead of a sub-menu to list the installed shared and user templates - but otherwise the underlying feature (new documents are based on templates, and use the document properties as defined in the used template) works the same way as in earlier versions of Inkscape.

For visitors arriving here via G+ comments:
1) The default template of the current stable release Inkscape 0.91 does _not_ use 'mm' as document default units. The default template (and all localized versions of it) which are distributed with Inkscape 0.91 use 'px' as document default units.
2) The default template(s) of current trunk (unstable development snapshot builds, Inkscape 0.91+devel) use 'mm' as default document display units. Unit handling (internally, and in the GUI) will likely see further changes in trunk (related to the internal resolution change, improved viewBox support, and new document scale feature) before the next major release is cut (this is work-in-progress). Note that unstable development snapshot builds are not recommended for use in production environments.

In either version, it's rather easy to save a new document with adjusted document properties as new user default template (the user templates folder is listed under 'Places' in the save dialog on all platforms which use the gtk file dialog).

User templates location (linux):