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Asked by Telemetron on 2011-05-17

Using banshee 2.0.1, banshee does not appear in sound menu. Rhythmbox does, which is strange, because I haven't used it since upgrading to Natty. Have reinstalled both banshee and indicator-sound, but it still doesn't work... not filing as a bug, because I expect that I broke it somehow, playing with something when I didn't know what I was doing.
Can someone tell me how to set it right?

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Conor Curran (cjcurran) said : #1

This is odd. Could you tell me the name of the desktop file for banshee 2.0.1. I presume it is still banshee.desktop. I will upgrade later in the week to test.

Telemetron (telemetron) said : #2

Yes, banshee.desktop. Thanks for the help.

Telemetron (telemetron) said : #3

On consideration, I would guess that the problem is not directly related to the version... Banshee has not showed up in my sound menu since my upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04. I only upgraded to 2.0.1 after removing and reinstalling both banshee (2.0.0) and indicator-sound without successful resolution.
Since my searches on Google, the Ubuntu forums and the Banshee forums have not turned up anything, I assume that the problem is something I did -- just don't know how to troubleshoot it any further.
Thanks for whatever advice you can offer.

Conor Curran (cjcurran) said : #4

Ok so from terminal what does

gsettings get com.canonical.indicators.sound blacklisted-media-players


gsettings get com.canonical.indicators.sound interested-media-players

return ?

For example when I type this on a terminal

gsettings get com.canonical.indicators.sound interested-media-players

I get

['banshee-1', 'rhythmbox', 'spotify', 'ubuntuone-music', 'banshee', 'xnoise', 'kde4-amarok', 'clementine']

Telemetron (telemetron) said : #5

gsettings get com.canonical.indicators.sound blacklisted-media-players


@as []


gsettings get com.canonical.indicators.sound interested-media-players


['banshee', 'rhythmbox', 'kde4-amarok']

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