Might it be possible to get the applet working in gnome-panel during a classic session?

Asked by Erick Brunzell on 2011-11-08

I have been working on a how-to for getting a classic session to run in both Oneiric and Precise. I love this app, truly a great replacement for 'gnome-sensors-applet', and it works great in both unity & unity-2d sessions.

But in either classic or classic w/o effects 'gnome-panel' displays only a "do-not-enter" icon as shown here:


Many thanks in advance,


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Erick Brunzell (lbsolost) said : #1

Just thought to add something that may not be helpful at all, I'm certainly no dev, just a simple minded end user so please take everything I say with a grain of salt. Anyway I notice Caffeine works with both Unity and the gnome-panel in either classic session, and it includes some python tweaks:

Commandline: apt-get install caffeine
Install: python-kaa-base:i386 (0.6.0+svn4596-1, automatic), caffeine:i386 (2.4+412~oneiric1), libsqlite0:i386 (2.8.17-6.1ubuntu1, automatic), python-kaa-metadata:i386 (0.7.7+svn4596-2, automatic), python-central:i386 (0.6.17, automatic), python-sqlite:i386 (1.0.1-8, automatic), python-xlib:i386 (0.14+20091101-1, automatic)

Apologies if I'm only being a pain in the neck, and many thanks for all you do,


Alex Murray (alexmurray) said : #2

Hi Lance

This is because indicator-sensors doesn't have any icons to show - HOWEVER - this has pretty much been implemented over in bug #782980 and once this lands icons should be shown instead of the current ugly one, so you can follow that bug for updates.


Erick Brunzell (lbsolost) said : #3

Looks great in Precise classic/gnome-panel as of 20111117:


BTW, the only reason I say there that it's "sloppy" to install is because there is no Precise version of the PPA and the Software Sources GUI is "fiddly" ATM in Precise.

You really made my day, best thing I've seen in a long time.

Should you ever need someone to perform testing of any nature I'm always willing to try. Many thanks Alex.

Erick Brunzell (lbsolost) said : #4


Further testing yesterday and this AM revealed to me that 'indicator-sensors' only displays properly in the classic 'gnome-panel' if using either the version of 'indicator-applet' or 'indicator-applet-complete' packaged in this PPA:


Not that you need to do anything about that, but I thought you should know in case someone else should ask. Thanks again for an incredible app.


Alex Murray (alexmurray) said : #5

Lance - awesome, glad you could find a solution.

Sean McCullough (wotan) said : #6

Hey Alex et al:

     Just to let you know: the app works perfectly OK (as far as I can tell) in XFCE on Oneiric. Great work and thanks!

Sean McCullough
Colorado Springs, Colorado USA