Send an e-mail alert to another person

Asked by James Mullan on 2013-09-19

I am interested to know if and how I could get indicator-remindor to send an email to a different person for each reminder when it occurs. The email would ideally include the text in the label and some other standard text. I am using Ubuntu on a desktop. Any help to achieve this would be appreciated.

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Brian Douglass
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Brian Douglass (bhdouglass) said : #1

There isn't a build in way, but you could use a command like sendmail and Indicator Remindor's inserts. Here are some different options -

Let me know how that goes for you!

James Mullan (james-mullan) said : #2

Hi Brian,
             I've set up ssmtp and I can send a message from my command line and receive the email Ok.
 However I cannot get it to work with indicator-remindor. I put this in the command line :
 /usr/sbin/ssmtp senders_address@domain < /home/username/mytextfile

Any Ideas?

James Mullan (james-mullan) said : #3

Hi Brian,
               here is another clue, but I can't figure out the correct syntax. I see this in my syslog when I try to send from indicator-remindor.
SSL connection using RSA_ARCFOUR_SHA1
RCPT TO:<> (555 5.5.2 Syntax error. ev4sm5377089wib.7 - gsmtp)


Brian Douglass (bhdouglass) said : #4

Ok, so it would seem that using things like | and < are not working properly in Indicator Remindor, I'll have to find the best way to fix this bug. For now I recommend finding another command that doesn't use pipes or redirects.

James Mullan (james-mullan) said : #5

Hi Brian,
                        I tried different ways to enclose the whole command in quotes without success.
In the end I just put the command in a script and put a command to run the script in indicator-remindor.
That worked but it would be nice if it could work the way I was trying.
This way I need a script for each person I want to send a reminder to.

Many Thanks !

Brian Douglass (bhdouglass) said : #6

I'm working on rewriting the way Indicator Remindor handles commands. You command should work in the next version, which will be available by this weekend or so. I'll let you know when I push it to the ppa.

Best Brian Douglass (bhdouglass) said : #7

I've just uploaded v13.08.1 to the ppa. It should allow you to use your command instead of creating a script for it. Let me know if you have any issues!

James Mullan (james-mullan) said : #8

Thanks Brian Douglass, that solved my question.