add load lines to better show high loads ?

Asked by Gino on 2014-10-25

Looking at the load display, it's not clear what the current load is. How is the load display calibrated ?

For example, if you run a horizontal line at load 2 4 6 .., then I can look at the display and see that the load is approximate 2.

As I look at it now, I can see the load looks low, but low and high can be fairly subjective.

Can you put in horizontal lines to help calibrate the display, so that we can get a rough sense of what the load is at ?

Example, about half an hour ago, I noticed that my system was at load 12. The reason I noticed this was because while I was
able to move the mouse, the system would not respond to any mouse clicks. Finally, I was able to ssh in and see that the load was at 12+.

Hence, I found your app.

It would be nice to see a kind of danger zone display for the load. Like, if the load goes above 6 (or some preset number), have the load indicator show the current load in a flashing mode.. That way, the user is alerted to the fact that one or more apps are behaving *very* badly.. Or even have the option to have the load monitor say something to the effect, "Danger, Will Robinson !" (by the way, my name *isn't* will robinson :). )

If you want to use computer generated voices, pico2wave seems to have a pretty good female voice (fairly pleasant to listen to).

Basically, I want a watchdog that will monitor the load and tell me if it looks like something might be going awry, so that I can quickly do a 'top' to see if I can identify the badly behaved processes..

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Michael Hofmann (mh21) said : #1

Hi Gino,

this would be a nice feature to have. Until somebody implements it, you could change preferences->advanced->load->minimum and maximum to scale the graph.


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