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Asked by H.J. on 2013-05-01

I have multiple network interfaces, but I´d like to measure the speed of interface eth0 only.
How can I accomplish that?

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Michael Hofmann (mh21) said : #1

Hi HJ,

thanks for the question!

You can try the version at ppa:indicator-multiload/daily which has support for multiple net interfaces. It exports variables like net.eth0.down and net.eth0.up, which you can use in the menu or by messing with the existing plots (Preferences->Menu items or Preferences->Advanced). The help button gives an overview about the variables you can use.

Hope that helps!

H.J. (wazzupp) said : #2

Thanks for your answer.

I´ve installed the daily version and changed tha variables to
Net: down $(speed(net.eth0.down)), up $(speed(net.eth0.up))
But then the network status will become invisible.

Michael Hofmann (mh21) said : #3

Hi HJ,

the easiest way to debug this is to start the indicator from the command line. Quit the indicator, and in gnome terminal, start it manually with "indicator-multiload & disown".

That the net status disappeared could be caused by the indicator not recognizing the variables, could you check in the help dialog (preferences->menu items->help) whether the variables exist?

Best regards

H.J. (wazzupp) said : #4

Found the problem.

I grabbed the stable-daily build instead of daily build.
It seems to be working now.