How do I add Evolution back in?

Asked by Derek Russell-Kraft

I somehow managed to kill the evolution portion of my applet during my first few weeks of Ubuntu use...Now I've tried a bunch of stuff (and have the notification applet running in the notification area), but I'd love to re-integrate it into this applet. Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks!

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Jan (jancborchardt-deactivatedaccount) said :

I don’t know if you are talking about that but you may try:
sudo apt-get install indicator-messages

This is the package with the »envelope«-indicator stuff in it.

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Derek Russell-Kraft (drussellkraft) said :

Hi Jan-Christoph - thanks for the suggestion!

I tried it - but it was already installed (the envelope is there, but when I click it I only see empathy in the drop-down).

I removed the package and reinstalled it, but the problem persists.

Yesterday, while checking other questions on the message board, I saw how to integrate Thunderbird into the applet, by creating a file in /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications. I noticed that in my folder, I only had an 'empathy' file. I booted my old Karmic CD and looked at what the 'evolution' file in that directory was, and it contained /usr/share/applications/evolution-mail.desktop.

I created a file just like that in my directory, but it doesn't seem to be having any effect. Is this file perhaps no longer accurate with Evo 2.28, or in Lucid's version of this applet? Is there something else I might be missing if I was missing that file?

Thanks again for your quick suggestion and for any more help you can give! Cheers.

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tuddy (james-tudhope) said :

I appear to be having the same problem, but with empathy instead of evolution...

However, my evolution shortcut is a plaintext file with the path "/usr/share/applications/evolution.desktop" stored in it, and the filename "evolution" (no extension). I assume that this could be the shortcut you need.

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tuddy (james-tudhope) said :

Further to my previous comment, trying the same method to solve my own problem added the missing shortcut to the indicator.

In other words, use nano or gedit to do the following-
create the file "evolution" in /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications/
add the shortcut "/usr/share/applications/evolution.desktop" to this file.
Then, finally, left click on the messages section of indicator-applet to confirm that the shortcut has been added.

You can also, I presume, do this to add other applications to indicator-applet.

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Derek Russell-Kraft (drussellkraft) said :

Hi tuddy - your suggestion brought progress...I've edited the evolution shortcut and now it shows up in the menu. The functionality, however, has not returned.

In the menu, it says "Set up Mail..." - when I click it, Evolution opens, but that doesn't change. No indicator next to it that Evolution is running, and no notifications through it of new mail. I've removed mail-notification (the other notification applet), but that doesn't seem to have made a difference.

I think we're halfway there :-)

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Derek Russell-Kraft (drussellkraft) said :

I've solved my problem!

Turns out I had uninstalled the actual plugin from Evolution somehow (I must've been quite thorough back in the day). I went and looked online for other indicator applet plugins (finding banshee along the way :-), and discovered the plugin for evolution. I ran

sudo apt-get install evolution-indicator

and there it was.

Thanks Jan-Christoph and tuddy for the help along the way.