problem in creation of draft entry page in development of Financial Module for PNC Pakistan

Asked by Tahseen Ali on 2009-10-05

We are creating a draft entry form as i2CE_List as guided by iHRIS Development team. The addition page of the list is working but there is a problem with view page, the fields are not shown on the page.

The Page is showing following warning:
I2CE: I2CE_TemplateMeister->raiseError (C:\Program Files\ihris-suite\lib\ihris\i2ce\lib\I2CE_Template.php:42): Unable to find template file: view_list_.html.

Called from I2CE_Template::_loadFile() at line 636 of C:\Program Files\ihris-suite\lib\ihris\i2ce\lib\I2CE_TemplateMeister.php
Called from I2CE_TemplateMeister::loadFile() at line 665 of C:\Program Files\ihris-suite\lib\ihris\i2ce\lib\I2CE_TemplateMeister.php
Called from I2CE_TemplateMeister::addFile() at line 96 of C:\Program Files\ihris-suite\lib\ihris\i2ce\modules\Forms\modules\Lists\lib\I2CE_PageViewList.php
Called from I2CE_PageViewList::action() at line 51 of C:\Program Files\ihris-suite\lib\ihris\ihris-common\lib\iHRIS_PageViewList.php

The content of the page 'view_list_draft_challan_entry.html' is as follows:

<div id="list_display">

    <div class="editRecord">
    <p>Edit This Information</p>
            <li role='manager'><span type="form" name="draft_challan_entry:document_no" href="lists?type=draft_challan_entry&amp;id=" text="Update this Information" /></li>
            <li role='manager'><span type="form" name="draft_challan_entry:draft_no" href="lists?type=" text="Select another Draft/Challan" /></li>
    </div> <!-- editRecord -->

    <div class="dataTable">
    <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
            <th colspan="2">Draft/ Challan</th>
        <span type="form" name="draft_challan_entry:document_no" showhead="default"></span>
           <span type="form" name="draft_challan_entry:draft_no" showhead="default"></span>
           <span type="form" name="draft_challan_entry:draft_date" showhead="default">


    </div> <!-- dataTable -->

</div> <!-- list_display -->

'PNC_DraftChallanEntry.php' has following code:

class PNC_DraftChallanEntry extends I2CE_List {


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Luke Duncan
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Best Luke Duncan (lduncan) said : #1

Since this is based off of 3.1 code the PNC_DraftChallanEntry needs to have the type field defined and set in the constructor for that class.

Tahseen Ali (tahseen) said : #2

Thanks Luke Duncan, that solved my question.