Issue with report displaying duplicate lines

Asked by Shannon Turlington on 2009-01-15

In Pharmacy Council, when they get the report on license # -- it gives the correct information at first and then it repeats the information a second time without any information – so it looks like you have twice as many licensed pharmacists as really exist.

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This question was originally filed as bug #317517.

I found the issue with the pharmacy council license report. Something weird had happened with the cached forms. Had the data been reloaded at some point? I ended up deleting all the caches and restarting them from scratch and everything looks good now.

Luke posted this solution:

I did the same fix for Allied Health and UMDPC. Here’s the steps if you need to do it. Just be extremely careful if you do this because if you delete or erase the wrong thing you could mess up the site. I’m not sure what caused this. Maybe some upgrade at some point although that doesn’t really make much sense either. But hopefully it won’t happen again.

1. Open up two browser windows. One to the site and one on phpmyadmin.

2. Go to Configure System then Browse Magic Data.

3. Click modules

4. Click CachedForms

5. Click times

6. Click generation

7. This should list all the forms on the site with a number. Click the Erase button at the bottom of the page. Make sure the path at the top is: /modules/CachedForms/times/generation

8. With PHPMyAdmin drop all the tables that start with hippo_. You can check them all in the table list and then select “Drop” from the dropdown at the bottom. It’ll display a confirmation message. Just make sure it’s only the hippo_* tables.

9. Back on the site go to Configure System then Cached Forms.

10. At the bottom of the page click the link at Generate Cache for all forms.

11. That should be it when it finishes redoing the form caches.

12. You can then wait for the reports to regenerate automatically or go to Create Reports -> Reports and click the generate link next to them all.

This is not really a bug but an issue with cached forms. The fix has been posted.

See the fix in the comments above.