What can I do if I cannot connect to the GPS tracker or the connection is unreliable?

Created by Michael Hofmann
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Michael Hofmann

The USB connection is a bit sensitive, so if it doesn't connect to the GPS tracker, you can try:
- connect the GPS tracker directly to a USB port of your PC, do not use a USB hub
- if you have to use a hub (because you want to connect to a gazillion trackers at the same time for example), try to downgrade your USB port to 1.1:
  - there might be a BIOS setting to do this
  - Linux: google for "ehci_hcd unbind"
- make sure that the blue LED of the GPS tracker is blinking continuously before you plug it in
- unplug the tracker, wait 2 seconds and plug it in again (this is often necessary after there were communication errors with the GPS tracker)

If you are using Mac OS X and the program seems to hang while communicating with the tracker, try whether it works with the newest version if you call it from the command line like
  "IGOTU2GPX_WORKAROUND=enabled igotu2gpx -v info" or
  "IGOTU2GPX_NOWORKAROUND=enabled igotu2gpx -v info"
If it does, please file a bug, describe what you have done and post the output of "igotu2gpx -v info".