Help Stitching Moka360 Dual Fish Eye

Asked by Jeffrey Cook

I got a Moka360 camera off Indiegogo a few years ago. It has a janky photo viewer app, but no stitched output.

 I've taken a bunch of photos with it promising to figure out how to stitch them together "someday". Well that day is today, or more actually this is like the fourth time I've rolled up my sleeves to try, but I must admit defeat and ask for help.

If I use Gimp and crop the single image into two images I get an OK image but the color is all wrong. I can't get anything close to right by using cropping and masks on the single image with two fisheyes.

Would someone be able to give me a hand with the proper setup? Ideally, I want to set up a batch to convert the raw dual fisheyes into equirectangular images I can view in my VR headset.

Here is a raw image from the camera:

Thanks in advance,

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tmodes (tmodes) said :

This was discussed on the mailing lis (e.g. )

With the example the dual lens assistant delivers a start point. Maybe another image would be better suited to create the template.

Then with the template the stitching can be automated as described on the mailing list

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Jeffrey Cook (jwc905) said :

Thank you! I was able to find a good "base" image with lots of detail and follow the instructions in that post to make a template and apply it to other images.

Here is it (sorry for the PS format) for future generations:

# Image with details for template
&"C:\Program Files\Hugin\bin\pto_gen.exe" -o template.pto .\20180407_163651.JPG
&"C:\Program Files\Hugin\bin\hugin_executor.exe" --assistant --user-defined-assistant="C:\Program Files\Hugin\share\hugin\data\duallens.assistant" .\template.pto
&"C:\Program Files\Hugin\bin\hugin_executor.exe" --stitching .\template.pto

# Make images from template (long way)
&"C:\Program Files\Hugin\bin\pto_gen.exe" -o project.pto .\20170116_122758.JPG .\20170116_122758.JPG
&"C:\Program Files\Hugin\bin\pto_template.exe" --template=template.pto --output=project.pto project.pto
&"C:\Program Files\Hugin\bin\hugin_executor.exe" --stitching project.pto

# Make images from template (short way)
&"C:\Program Files\Hugin\bin\nona.exe" -m TIFF .\template.pto .\20170116_122758.JPG .\20170116_122758.JPG -o 20170116_122758