Masks yield unusual black / grey / patches unusual results

Asked by Bob Mahar

I have been using Hugin for a decade now - that doesn't really mean anything except I would consider myself fairly familiar with the tricks needed to get around various stitching issues - I guess this is my way of saying "yes, I rebooted and juggled the handle"

Anyway... I have one project, a lighthouse. Nothing spectacular, but it is proving very difficult to get a stack fused version to render out. Here is the LDR image ( from about 45 5-image brackets )

Per usual I mask off tripod legs and some of the anomalous stuff like the ATV rolling by and so on. Then to eliminate ghosting in the lighthouse, I will exclude the lighthouse from other brackets, forcing Hugin to use the one I want. Normally this works exceptionally well. But the moment I added a mask, even a trivial one, black splotches started appearing near where ever the mask was added. Here are some examples:

My working theory is that at some point it starts dumping out black intermediate images ( the _000xxx.tiffs ) which are then fused. But I have never really see that. I am not sure if this is nona that does the cutout / mask work, or when enblend builds out the exposure layers.

In terms of the setup. its 2018.0.0 + the stock versions of enblend / enfuse running on SuSE Tumbleweed or Leap. Presuming it was an enfuse / enblend bug I have also tried building enblend / enfuse from source ( routinely do this to get a gomp enabled version as I have a lot of cores. This made no difference. ) I see similar results on my laptop as well as my primary rendering server ( HP DL 380, 32 cores, 64GB RAM, heaps of disk ) as well as its predecessor ( 24 cores, 128GB RAM ) .. in watching the panorama build, I see no resource issues. I have also rebuilt the entire project a couple times starting with a blank project and adding the images in, the moment masks gets involved, I start seeing weird stuff.

Is there a reference project used for QA / regression testing by Hugin developers?

This sort of issue reminds me of the required manual memory tuning of nona / enfuse years back, however I don't see where that is a thing any more. The -m options do not seem to be available.

Anyway, sort for the verbal explosion.


-- Bob

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Best tmodes (tmodes) said :

Try first to create a pano in equirectangular projection. Then load the equi pano and remap it to the little planet.
(The internal handling of mask can create artifacts when there large reprojections are needed for the final projection .)

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Bob Mahar (bob-o-rama) said :

Thanks tmodes, that solved my question.