Nona changes slightly the pixel rgb

Asked by Nivaggioli on 2018-04-13

Hello everyone,

I am using nona to convert a panoramic image to 6 images from a cubemap.

But nona changes sligthly the value of some pixel, for example, if I have an object in my panoramic image that is at (4,1,200), nona might change it as (4,2,200) in the cubemap (even in the middle of the object, it is not a problem of aliasing or interpolation).

I know this sounds like nothing,nut I really need to keep my pixels value EXACTLY as they are, at least inside my object.

Here is a sample from my code if you want to see my configuration :

FOR /R %%i IN (Niveau_5\*.png) DO (

echo %%i
set var=%%~ni
echo !var!

@echo Generating Face_0 FRONT
@echo p f0 w1024 h1024 v100 >script.txt
@echo m g1 i6 f0 m0>>script.txt
@echo o w4096 h2048 f4 p0 r0 v360 y0 u10 m0 n"%%i">>script.txt
@nona -m PNG -o Cube\!var!_0 script.txt

Thank you for your help!

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tmodes (tmodes) said : #1

I still think that is an interpolation issue.
Your cube face has a field of view of 100 deg. For a cubemap it should be 90 deg.

Also there are other issues with the generated script:
* The input images should be in an i line (even if nona supports also o line.)
* In the i line the u and m switches are unknown.

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