Hugin Calibrate Lens - I can't get Canon SX50 correction

Asked by YAFU

Here I show the images. The first is what I get from RAW without lens correction. The second is obtained from jpg camera with camera lens correction.

My camera is a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS. The photo is taken at wide angle 4.3mm.

Can you give me some advice on how I can get the lens correction, and that the image appears similar to what the camera delivers? ?

Thank you very much.

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YAFU (yafu) said :

After many attempts and experimenting ​​manually with many values in UFRaw, I think I've gotten a good one:
a= 0,021
b= -0,072
c= -0,06

But I really like to get it in a more automatic mode with Hugin Calibrate Lens for each focal length and aperture.

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YAFU (yafu) said :

Well, the problem was the corners, at the junctions of vertical and horizontal lines. I modified the template and share it here for those who want to print it and take photos for each focal length:

With this template, Hugin Calibrate Lens works fantastically well!

I think the program should include a template like this to be printed.

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Darwin Alonso (dovalonso) said :

I think I'm missing something and this must have an easy solution. I set up Hugin 2018.0.0.5abfb4de7961 and gave it my Lumix G 100-300mm lens during the set up, and It stitches images from that system quite well.

But now I'm trying to stitch images from a Moto G5+ cell phone. To be clear, I'm NOT mixing the Moto and Lumix images in one stitch, but from the Moto.

It doesn't seem to be picking up the Moto lens info correctly, and the stitching breaks even when I give it control points. For thos images, Hugin defaults to:
4.28 mm, mult=1. Orthographic.

 From the database (db) I see:
motorola;Moto G (5) Plus;1.0
motorola|Moto G (5) Plus;8
motorola|Moto G (5) Plus;4.28000020980835;47.9903288302129;10
motorola|Moto G (5) Plus;4.28000020980835;0.0;0.0243640966127036;0.0;10
motorola|Moto G (5) Plus;4.28000020980835;1.70000004768372;0.0;-0.0162852929350977;0.0163722377537079;-0.0195174320990663;10
motorola;Moto G (5) Plus;64;-2.72530841827393;1.87501680850983;1.72627818584442;-0.57806521654129;-0.343453973531723;10

My specific questions are:
(1) Aside from just modifying the lens type, focal length, and multiplier, where to I enter the db information.
(1.1) what db numbers correspond to focal length and multiplier on the Hugin assistant page
(2) Can I save a pre-set so I can just toggle between the eventual correct settings for the Moto-G5+ and the Lumix?
(3) Is there a tutorial site?
(4) general help!



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Darwin Alonso (dovalonso) said :

oops. I'm new to this. I'm sure that should have been a new question. Sorry.