Handheld nadir cut off after optimisation

Asked by Klaus Mayer

Is anybody else experiencing nadir problems with version 2013.0.0.0d404a7088e6?

I typically patch a handheld nadir over the tripod nadir.

I found that this version cuts off my handheld nadir after optimisation. In its correct location at the bottom of the image, the preview window cuts off 0-90 degrees on the left and 270-360 degrees on the right. These 2 sections of the handheld nadir are also missing in the stitched output.

If I use Numerical Transfer to tilt the image 90 degrees up both the tripod and handheld nadir images display correctly and the stitched output is also complete.

I tried this now with 3 different images but the result is the same. I do not experience this problem with older versions.

Is this a bug?

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tmodes (tmodes) said :

From the FAQ http://wiki.panotools.org/Hugin_FAQ (also delivered with Hugin)

Patching nadir shots using XYZ mosaic mode cuts the photos in half
"If an image is mapped to the nadir of a panorama and all translation parameters (X,Y,Z) are set to zero, the image is properly mapped and covers the entire nadir of the shot. However, if any of the X,Y,Z parameters are non-zero, then the image is cut in half and only occupies half of the nadir."

Basically the XYZ mosaic mode as it is implemented currently in Hugin requires that the mosaic photos must be mapped to a plane perpendicular to the view direction - In practice this means that what you are trying to do only works if the panorama is rotated such that the nadir is in the middle of the canvas and not at the bottom.

This isn't so bad, the nadir-in-the-middle image looks a bit weird, you can just reload the stitched equirectangular Projection result into a new single-photo project and straighten it there.

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Klaus Mayer (paperaussie) said :

Thank you.

This is an unfortunate development from previous versions which did map the nadir properly when X,Y,Z parameters were non-zero.

The solution suggested is very time consuming for large panoramas, hence I will revert back to a previous Hugin version.

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