how to run workflow on Htcass?

Asked by Hieu Vu on 2013-12-31


I have a simple task to calculate Pi (3,14...) on Htcaas.

The algorithm is:
Assume the center of a cycle is (0,0) and r = 1, consider the quarter whose x > 0 and y > 0
The area of the quarter is pi/4
Consider the square whose 4 points are (0,0), (0,1), (1,1) and (1,0)
The area of the square is 1
Consider point A (x, y); 0 < x, y < 1
The possibility that A is located inside the cycle = the area of the quarter / the area of the square = pi/4

A is located inside the cycle iff (x^2 + y ^2 <= 1 (which is r^2))

The serial version of the algorithm is:
  int numSample = 100000;
  int numPointInsideRound = 0;
  for (int i = 0; i < numSample; i++){
   double x = Math.random();
   double y = Math.random();
   double distanceSquare = (x*x) + (y*y);
   if (distanceSquare < 1){
// result = pi
  double result = (double) (numPointInsideRound*4) / numSample;

The result on my PC is pi = 3.14164
Now I want to create a parallel, parameter sweep version of the algorithm and submit to Htcaas, somehow like this:

  double x = Math.random();
  double y = Math.random();
  double distanceSquare = (x*x) + (y*y);
                if (distanceSquare < 1){
                } else {

The question is, if I submit this program, for example 1000 times, then I will get 1000 output files.
I don't want to retrieve these 1000 output file to my PC to process. Instead, I want to do "something more" on Htcaas before getting the final result.

How can I do it?


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SEUNGWOO RHO (seungwoo0926) said :

hm.. currently, we don't support workflow like that.

so, I think you should find another solution to do it.

One thing is, in my opinion, to make another job script for postprocessing.

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