Multifunction Printer/Scanner/Fax without proprietary binary

Asked by David Ayers

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but it is not a policy question, its an availability question.

I'm looking for a Multifunction color Printer/Scanner/Fax (MF-cPSF) that will run with stock OpenWRT* CUPS packages. I would assume this would be trivial if such a device did not need a binary driver. I have not been able to deduce whether such an item exists. All I've seen is a list of MF-cPSF devices that do need a binary module:
Every item marked "Multifunction" currently seems to require the binary.

So am I correct in assuming that an MF-cPSF that does not need the proprietary driver does not exist? If so, what needs to be done to alleviate the situation?

*(or another Free Software/fully Open Source distribution supporting current WLAN/NAS devices)
PS: I understand that you are trying to provide interim solutions to have things just work for now, but I haven't found any documentation on the progress towards Free Software drivers. Maybe you can add a pointer to where this progress can be followed.

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Andrew Malcolmson (andmalc) said :

As far as I know, it is only the Laserjets that require the binary. The inkjets just need hplip.

The Officejet 8500 inkjets take extra large size cartridges that print 2200 pages, so cost per page is probably comparable to that of a Laserjet.

One of the HP people here may know more.

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David Ayers (ayers) said :

Thank for you reply Andrew!

Note that I'm not simply referring to printing, but to scanning and faxing also. I'm also willing to spend more on the printer, so let me know if there is a highend alternative. I don't need a power-horse though, I'm looking for a relatively power efficient home office solution.

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Best Andrew Malcolmson (andmalc) said :

There's not much reason to spend much for a home office. The Officejet 6500 series All-in-Ones are the current moderate use, home-office line. Like all the other Officejets these do print, scan, copy and fax. There's a base model with USB & Ethernet connections, and a wireless model which also adds a double sided printing accessory unit. Another good one is the J6400 series which might be cheaper still as it is last year's model. This year's models especially are marketed as more power efficient. I recommend that you look at the Officejets on the HP website and compare the feature lists and also the cartridge costs and capacities.

Before you buy anything, try installing the HPLIP download on OpenWRT to make sure there are no tricky missing dependency issues. If the newest version won't install, check the supported printers list to see which version is needed for the printer you plan to buy as an earlier version may work:

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David Ayers (ayers) said :

Actually a printer with a LAN port would fill my LAN ports on the OpenWRT router, but I hope I may not have to have to install HPLIPS on the OpenWRT router. I mainly want to avoid powering up the desktop to print from the laptops and netbooks. And I'm hoping that CUPS on OpenWRT will suffice to forward simple print jobs without installing hplip on the router.
(I could use the wireless option to save the last LAN port, but that's probably not really power efficient...).

It seems that the J6400 series actually may have (had?) issues:

Yet the 6500 seems to be supported and working:

The supported devices claims that one needs HPLIP 3.9.4
My current production system, Jaunty still have 3.9.2-3ubuntu4 packaged yet it seems that Karmic already has 3.9.8-1ubuntu2.

Thanks a lot again for your help!