After installing HPLIP cannot print on local/network printers

Asked by Turbo Nene on 2020-06-19

Hello all.

Linux Mint 18.2 (based on Ubuntu 16.04). I had several network printers in my job (CUPS + samba), and a home local printer, everything fine during 4+years.

I bought an HP_OfficeJet_Pro_9020. Installed HPLIP 3.20.5, printer working perfectly.

BUT every other printer stopped working. I suspect some problem with CUPS, in fact I had now packages "cups" and "imagemagick" not installed (!?), and I am pretty sure they were installed before.

If I try to install "cups", I get the warning that "foomatic-filters" and "graphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat" are going to be removed: I think that this is going to break HPLIP, so I did not reinstall cups neither "imagemagick".

The question is: how can I get my other printers to work again, without uninstalling HPLIP?

Or, on the other side, will HPLIP work without packages "foomatic-filters" and "graphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat" if I uninstall them to install "cups" and "imagemagick"?

I know that Linux Mint 18.2 (Ubuntu 16.04) is somewhat old, and that is possibly the problem, but I would like to stick to it some months more...

Thank you in advance.


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Turbo Nene (turbonene) said : #1

Hello again.

I read the release notes of HPLIP, and found warnings of previous versions about this problem:

HPLIP 3.19.3
1. In LinuxMint 19.1 cups is not printing from the localhost:631. The work around is to install the cups-filters.
    Below are the commands to reinstall the cups filters.
    sudo apt-get remove --purge cups
    sudo apt-get install cups
    sudo apt install --reinstall cups-filters

HPLIP 3.19.1
  Linux Mint18.3: During HPLIP installation Cups package is removed due to installation of the scanjet dependency package "graphicsmagick*".
  The workaround for this is to reinstall cups every time HPLIP is installed.
  command: sudo apt-get install cups.

So I did the first ones. Result: CUPS seems to be working again (I can admin thru localhost:631, I can add new printers, etc.), but NOT PRINTING, at least in my (other, not the HP*) local printer: there is no error message, the print queue says "printing complete", printer led shows some activity, BUT no printer work (no noise) and no printing pages at all.

*The HP printer works perfectly, the problem is with the other (not HP) CUPS printers...

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