How to use A3 size with Officejet 7110 and HPLIP

Asked by Martin Berg on 2019-03-14

I am trying to make my Officejet 7110 Wide to print on A3 sized paper for a while now.

The OS is OpenSuse Leap 42.3 and the HPLIP version is 3.16.11.

When I print a test page using LibreOffice (and having set the page format to A3) only the content
from the file that fits within the "top-left A4 part" of the test page is printed - and that is positioned
top-center on the A3 paper.

When using CUPS or YaST there is no option for setting the default paper size to A3.

So in short: I can print on A3 paper, but only what fits on an A4 page is printed.

Any suggestions?

Best regards
Martin Berg

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Martin Berg
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Martin Berg (diymartin) said : #1

Furhtermore lpoptions -v returns following:

PageSize/Media Size: Letter *A4 Photo Photo5x7 PhotoTearOff 3x5 5x8 A5 A6 A6TearOff B5JIS CDDVD80 CDDVD120 Env10 EnvC5 EnvC6 EnvDL EnvISOB5 EnvMonarch Executive FLSA Hagaki Legal Oufuku w558h774 w612h935 Custom.WIDTHxHEIGHT
PrintoutMode/Printout Mode: Draft Draft.Gray *Normal Normal.Gray High High.Gray Photo
InputSlot/Media Source: *Default PhotoTray Upper Lower CDDVDTray Envelope LargeCapacity Manual MPTray
Duplex/Double-Sided Printing: DuplexNoTumble DuplexTumble *None
DryTime/Additional Dry Time: *Zero Five Ten Fifteen Twenty TwentyFive Thirty
Quality/Resolution, Quality, Ink Type, Media Type: *FromPrintoutMode 300ColorCMYK 300ColorCMYKFullBleed 300DraftColorCMYK 300DraftGrayscaleK 300FastDraftColorCMYK 300FastDraftGrayscaleK 300GrayscaleK 600ColorCMYK 600ColorCMYKFullBleed 600GrayscaleK 1200PhotoCMYK 1200PhotoCMYKFullBleed

Notice the A3 page size is not present - just as with CUPS

Best regards
Martin Berg

Martin Berg (diymartin) said : #2

Sorry for the noise.

In preparation for buying a new printer instead, I decided to install the latest
version of the HPLIP driver.

This is not available for simple yast/zypper install from the OpenSuse repositories, and instead
I downloaded the software from this (the HP) site.

Interestingly the installation of this required the addition of a lot of dependencies (which I would have assumed to
previous version (default OpenSuse installation) to have included.

After some cleanup of the old printer queue - now A3 printing is working as required.

Best regards
Martin Berg