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Asked by Lutz-Peter on 2018-09-29


I am using HPLIP 3.18.9 (just instlled) on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS on a Lenovo E470.
HPLIP and Ubuntu updated today just before using the printer.

The printer is an Officejet 8720 with a second paper tray.

The setting sof the printer are
Default tray: 2
FAX tray: 2
Photo tray: 1

So I should be able to have photo paper in tray 1 and standard (A4) paper in tray 2.

I cannot change these setting either in the HPLIP GUI nor in CUPS. I removed the printer and reinstalled.
The ppd files are from today.

With HPLIP I am not able to select other tray than "Main tray". But this tray is tray 1(!!!) on the printer not tray 2(!!!) as the setting tell you.

I appreciate any help.


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Lutz-Peter (daneelolivaw) said : #1

Add: I was able to change the ppd. I used help from a pod which was provided by a printer shown in the Device Manager.
There the following was given
*InputSlot Upper/Main: "<</MediaPosition 1>>setpagedevice"
*InputSlot Alternate/Alternate: "<</MediaPosition 2>>setpagedevice"
*InputSlot Auto/Auto: "<</MediaPosition 0>>setpagedevice"

Having that the GUI including cups gives the ability to select the tray. But the printer stil used the default tray.


srinivas (srinivas5) said : #2


The tech class of this model supports only main tray. So we should not change the ppd.

Srinivas Teja.

Lutz-Peter (daneelolivaw) said : #3

This is surprising to me.
The predecessor, HP OfficeJet Pro 8620, has the correct ppd and probably the right tech class.
So I assumed the follower has this feature, too.
I found correct entries in \hplip-3.18.9\prnt\drv\
May be the settings should be set in the 8720.ppd-file?
Any chance to get the tech class working?


srinivas (srinivas5) said : #4

Have you installed any optional trays in the printer? As per the product information it has mentioned the tray 2 is optional.
Tray 1 still supports all media sizes (photo, cards, paper, envelope, etc). The 8720 is hpcups generated PPD and we cannot modify the settings directly in PPD to work.

Lutz-Peter (daneelolivaw) said : #5

Yes, I have a second tray installed.
Windows computer can print without any problems on the second tray also the default setting (tray 2 - lower) is used.
But the in \hplip-3.18.9\prnt\drv\ holds entries for the second tray.
What do I have to look for?

srinivas (srinivas5) said : #6

Can you try marking the second tray as 'Main' tray in the PPD and see if it picks the media from second tray?

Lutz-Peter (daneelolivaw) said : #7

Sorry, that I am a bit late.
I tried to follow your suggestions but nothing happened.
I did the follwoing steps:

Changed the original lines in /etc/cups/ppd/<printername>.ppd to

*OpenUI *InputSlot/Media Source: PickOne
*OrderDependency: 10 AnySetup *InputSlot
*DefaultInputSlot: Auto
*InputSlot Auto/Auto-Select: "<</MediaPosition 7>>setpagedevice"
*InputSlot Upper/Photo: "<</MediaPosition 1>>setpagedevice"
*InputSlot Lower/Papier: "<</MediaPosition 4>>setpagedevice"
*CloseUI: *InputSlot

I did this an a fresh HPLIP install on a Ubuntu 18.04.1 vm.
I did this on a previous HPLIP qinstall on a raspberry pi with raspbian stretch.
I did this on previous HPLIB install on an Ubuntu 18.04.1 laptop

on all machines I could see (print dialog in LibreOffice or Firefox) photo/papier/printerdefault
The printerdefault is the lower tray. I marked the paper sheets and - surprisingly - I got the printout from the right tray.
Select Photo- from the upper tray
Select Papier- from the lower tray
Select printerdefault - from the lower tray.

The problem might be to check if the printer has the second tray installed.

BTW: it is all hplip 3.18.9 except the raspberry which is on 3.16.11


srinivas (srinivas5) said : #8

Thanks for trying this one. I think the tech class doesn't support tray 2 for this model. Even if we modify the updated changes are not picked when tested.

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