How does one submit patches for hplip?

Asked by Francois Gouget

I have some patches fixing issues in HPLIP. From my understanding hplip is an open-source project but I have not found any documentation for contributors. Hence my question: how should I go about submitting these patches so someone looks at them and decides whether they are correct and should be applied or need more work?

Does HPLIP have a developer mailing list? Should I send pull-requests on GitHub? Against which repository?

I attached one of these patches to a bug on LaunchPad but I haven't had any feedback about it, and it has not been applied upstream either. Before I go creating one bug per patch I'd like to be sure that's the right way to go (it certainly feels wrong to me).

To streamline things I have put my patches on GitHub so you can have a look at them at any time:

They are not earth shattering patches and I will likely never revolutionize the hplip code base but I really don't feel like investing any more time if my patches are just going to rot and be ignored.

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L'Africain (lafricain79) said :

Je trouve la question pertinente, et je suis également intéressé de connaître la réponse car depuis longtemps je me demande pourquoi ce n'est pas traduit en français. Et comme vous je ne voudrais pas me lancer si au final la communauté ne peut pas en benéficier.
J'ai vu qu'il n'y a toujours pas de réponse à votre question, et je me demande s'il n'y a pas moyen de contacter le responsable de l'équipe launchpad :

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srinivas (srinivas5) said :

Hi Francois,

As of now, you can attach the patches in the bug section. Our team will review them.

Srinivas Teja.

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Francois Gouget (fgouget) said :

I created 14 bug reports, one per patch (they are all independent).
Of these 8 are spelling and typo fixes:

#1794092 Fix the spelling of the 'separator' Python variable.
#1794095 Fix the spelling of the 'eDisableResponses' constant.
#1794096 fax: Fix the spelling of the $request variable
#1794097 installer: Fix the Qt version in the pyqt5 description string
#1794098 Fix the spelling of 'disable' in Python comments
#1794099 Fix the spelling of 'implementation' in C++ comments
#1794100 Fix the spelling of 'separate' in notes and comments
#1794101 Fix the spelling of 'occurred'

Since verifying their correctness is trivial I expect them to be dispatched quickly, leaving the remaining 6 not-so-complex patches:

#1688683 Document why cups-devel is needed at runtime
#1688684 hp-check shows the distro index instead of its name
#1688685 hp-check: sane-devel is only needed at compile time
#1688686 hp-check: Add constants for the dependency indices
#1794106 check: cups-image is only needed at compile time
#1794108 check: python-devel and python3-devel are only needed at compile

Once these are cleared I'll see about submitting more patches.