HP 6122 (USB) powers on, but not off?

Asked by Ralf Hildebrandt

I have a HP 6122 connected via USB. Whenever I print something using
CUPS, it powers on automagically. But it doesn't power off! How can I
make it power down after e.g. 5 minutes idle time?

/usr/bin/hp-info output:

HP Linux Imaging and Printing System (ver. 2.8.2)
Device Information Utility ver. 3.4

Copyright (c) 2001-7 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, LP
This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
This is free software, and you are welcome to distribute it
under certain conditions. See COPYING file for more details.

Using device: hp:/usb/deskjet_6122?serial=MY26L1920G33


Device Parameters (dynamic data):
  Parameter Value(s)
  ---------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------
  agent1-ack False
  agent1-desc Black cartridge
  agent1-dvc 0
  agent1-health 0
  agent1-health-desc Good/OK
  agent1-hp-ink False
  agent1-id 0
  agent1-kind 3
  agent1-known False
  agent1-level 47
  agent1-level-trigger 0
  agent1-sku 45 (51645A)
  agent1-type 1
  agent1-virgin False
  agent2-ack False
  agent2-desc Tri-color cartridge
  agent2-dvc 0
  agent2-health 0
  agent2-health-desc Good/OK
  agent2-hp-ink False
  agent2-id 0
  agent2-kind 3
  agent2-known False
  agent2-level 63
  agent2-level-trigger 0
  agent2-sku 78 (C6578AN / C6578DN)
  agent2-type 2
  agent2-virgin False
  back-end hp
  cups-printer hp-dj-6122
  cups-uri hp:/usb/deskjet_6122?serial=MY26L1920G33
  device-state 1
  device-uri hp:/usb/deskjet_6122?serial=MY26L1920G33
  deviceid MFG:hp;MDL:deskjet
                                KJET;CLS:PRINTER;DES:hp deskjet
                                :0800,FL,B0;J: ;
  duplexer 1
  error-state 0
  in-tray1 True
  in-tray2 True
  is-hp True
  media-path 1
  panel 0
  photo-tray 0
  port 1
  r 0
  revision 0
  rg 000
  rr 000000
  rs 000000000
  serial MY26L1920G33
  status-code 1000
  status-desc The printer is idle.
  supply-door 0
  top-door 1

Model Parameters (static data):
  Parameter Value(s)
  ---------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------
  align-type 1
  clean-type 1
  color-cal-type 0
  copy-type 0
  embedded-server-type 0
  fax-type 0
  fw-download 0
  icon deskjet_6120.png
  io-mfp-mode 6
  io-mode 1
  io-support 6
  linefeed-cal-type 0
  model deskjet_6122
  model-ui HP Deskjet 6122
  model1 Deskjet 6122
  panel-check-type 0
  pcard-type 0
  plugin 0
  power-settings 0
  pq-diag-type 0
  r-type 0
  r0-agent1-kind 3
  r0-agent1-sku 45 (51645A)
  r0-agent1-type 1
  r0-agent2-kind 3
  r0-agent2-sku 78 (C6578AN / C6578DN)
  r0-agent2-type 2
  scan-style 0
  scan-type 0
  status-battery-check 0
  status-dynamic-counters 0
  status-type 2
  support-released 1
  support-type 2
  support-ver 0.9.5
  tech-class DJ9xxVIP
  tech-type 2
  usb-pid 3404
  usb-vid 03f0

Status History (most recent first):
  Date/Time Code Status Description User Job ID
  -------------------- ----- ---------------------------------------- -------- --------
  02/16/08 14:19:51 1000 The printer is idle. hildeb

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Ralf Hildebrandt
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Aaron Albright (albrigha-deactivatedaccount) said :


Sorry HPLIP does not provide the functionality of powering off the printers. We do power them on, however powering off is handled by the printer firmware. I've checked the DeskJet 6122 manuals and I haven't seen any references to any built in powering off system, so the printer may not support this.

You may have a difference experience with windows because the windows driver supports some functionality that our driver does not support.

I apologize for any inconvenience.


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Ralf Hildebrandt (ralf-hildebrandt) said :

Thanks Aaron,

can you add this as a wishlist item for the HPLIP driver then?
I mean, now it's all about saving the environment...