How can I setup the wireless on a C4380 from a Linux box (ubuntu 7.1)

Asked by AndyL

I have set up a C4380 to work very well over a USB connection using HPLIP however I would like to get it working using an integrated wireless configuration, which is apparently not currently supported by HPLIP. There raises a few Q's

1. If I had a windoze XP machine connected to the wireless network I should be able to set up the printer on the wireless network as per the manual. Would the Linux machines then be able to connect to the printer on the network using HPLIP? If no then dont bother reading 2. below...

2. It appears that the problem is writing the corrrect configuration to the printer, ie. to tell it to use wireless and the wireless configuration (SSID WPA key etc)
So that said:
a. Can I use WINE to run the setup routines under Linux?
b. Is there another utility to write the details to the Printer over the USB connection?

3. If I am barking up completely the wrong tree here then are there plans to make this otherwise excellent printer fully supported under HPLIP?

Photosmart C4380
Ubuntu 7.10
HPLIP 2.7.12

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Aaron Albright (albrigha-deactivatedaccount) said :

HPLIP does support wireless connectivity. Actually a better description is that HPLIP connects to networked multifunction devices. The type of network connection isn't a problem, so long as the device has an IP address and you can ping the device and snmpwalk returns the correct data.

For more specific steps go here:

If the printer is not getting an IP address then more than likely the wifi is not configure correct on the printer. For help on configuring the wifi you'll want to refer to the printer manual.

Hope this helps!


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AndyL (andy-lamble) said :

Aaron, thanks but...

The problem is that the printer wifi settings are set via a USB link between the printer and the Windoze box and I dont have (or want) Windoze...


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Aaron Albright (albrigha-deactivatedaccount) said :

Ahh okay I understand.

We don't currently support this functionality. However I'm going to add this to our review list for possible future enhancements. Of course I can't promise if/when this will be supported, however I will make sure it's reviewed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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AndyL (andy-lamble) said :


Thanks, as a workaround I found a Windoze box and set the printer up for wireless and it is now working fine... but thanks for adding the Q to the wanted features list.


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Floriano (floriano-zini) said :

Hi Aaron,

I'm thinking of buying a C4380 - CC281B. Is it the printer we're talking about? Can I get it working via wireless connection using hplip?

Thanks a lot.


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freechelmi (michel-memeteau) said :

Hello , I 'm hopping on this question as I would ask quite the same one.

I installed HPLIP 3.9.10 on ubuntu 9.10 for a f4580. in the hp-setup , it seems that Wireless config through usb is supported, Is this true for this model ?

My aim is to see as the printer CD and leaflet does not contain any info , would a linux newbie be able to install it

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Victor Engmark (victor-engmark) said :

hp-wificonfig worked for me (HP Photosmart C4380). Just connect the printer with USB first, then disconnect when setup is finished. Excellent and simple tool.