Print to P1102 over network

Asked by broom on 2012-03-11

I have printer HP LaserJet P1102 that is connected to Linux machine through USB cable and set up using HPLIP. Local printing is working well.
I would like to share this printer over network with another Linux machine. For this purpose I have set up a print server using inetd superserver.

9100 stream tcp nowait root /usr/bin/lp lp -d <printername> -o raw

On that second machine I tried to add new printer in CUPS web interface using url "socket://<ip>:9100" and HPLIP driver for P1102 model, but got an error from hplip plugin:

[Job 178] Error: This module is designed to work with HP Printers only
[Job 178] STATE: +hplip.plugin-error

BUT: if on that second machine I use foo2zjs driver, printing over network works fine. That is why I think that the problem is in HPLIP.

My questions are:
Is it intentional limitation of HPLIP or just my mistake? Is it done to prevent sharing non-network printers with print-servers? Is there any way to print to this printer over network nevertheless?
If it is an intentional limitation, why Windows drivers doesn't have it? I can successfully print to my software print server from Windows machine.

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broom (terrible-broom) said : #2

What does mean that my question is expired? I am still waiting for an answer from HPLIP team.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #3

This question was expired because it remained in the 'Open' state without activity for the last 15 days.

goutam kodu (goutam-hplip) said : #4

Hi Broom,

This printer require a proprietary plugin files to be installed if you are using HPLIP drivers.

At server end run command "sudo hp-plugin" or su -c "hp-plugin" and install the plugin files.

At client end add the printer by running command:

lpadmin -p printer -E -v ipp://server:631/printers/printer

The printer name is the name of the printer on the server machine. The server name is the hostname or IP address of the server machine.

This will create a print queue in the client machine to perform remote printing.

Let us know on the same

Goutam Kodu

broom (terrible-broom) said : #5

Wow, network printing works over IPP! Thank you very much.

I tried it before, but my mistake was that I was doing it in CUPS web interface and I chose a HP driver instead of "Raw queue".

Thanks again.

goutam kodu (goutam-hplip) said : #6

Great to hear that its working for you now :) . If the problem has solved for you , can you change the status to solved.

Thanks & Regards,
Goutam kodu

broom (terrible-broom) said : #7

reopening to mark as solved.

broom (terrible-broom) said : #8


Jeison Frasson (jomadee) said : #9

i'm having the same problem...

i run "lpadmin -p HP_LaserJet_Professional_P1102 -E -v ipp://" in terminal, but nothing happened...

how can the "uri device"?