Openstack Dashboard User Creation Issue

Asked by Imesh Gunaratne on 2011-09-14

I installed Openstack Dashboard in Ubuntu 11.04 but when syncdb is run it didn't prompt to create a username and password. It just completed with the text "No fixtures found."

Any help is really appreciated.

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Imesh Gunaratne
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Mark Gius (markgius) said : #1

the dashboard no longer maintains its own list of users. Instead, the dashboard uses Openstack Keystone to provide authentication.

You will need to set up a keystone endpoint ( and properly configure keystone to provide endpoints for other openstack components, then edit the keystone endpoint in openstack-dashboard/local/ to point to that endpoint.

If you're just trying to demo/proof of concept openstack with a dashboard, check out the "I want OpenStack (all of it)" section for instructions on how to set up an openstack "all in one" box that gives a pretty good feel for how openstack and the dashboard work. Those instructions are best run in a virtual machine or on a box you do not care about, as they are pretty invasive for a system.

Mark Gius (markgius) said : #2

That "i want everything" section is part of the keystone documentation, btw.

Imesh Gunaratne (imesh) said : #3

Thank you very much Mark, really appreciate your response. Yes I just wanted to try out Openstack out of the box. I just found the section "I want OpenStack (all of it)". I will give it a try. Thanks again.