SOLVED! Need Balance column in Account Window

Asked by Richard Sutton

I have a need to have the Balance column in the Account window as shown in the Online Help for version 5.7.2 (which I am running on several Linux machines and Windows 10/11). I have searched all over the HomeBank program to no avail. Having the Balance column allows me to find input errors quickly across several sets of bookkeeping. I have many accounts.

Could someone show me how to accomplish this feat?

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Richard Sutton
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Raoof (raoof123) said (last edit ):

Subject: Implementing a Balance Column in the Account Window


Thank you for bringing up the suggestion to add a balance column in the account window. It's always great to receive feedback on ways we can enhance the user experience. Here are a few thoughts and considerations:

Clear Understanding of Balance:
Implementing a balance column can provide users with a quick and clear understanding of their account status. It adds a valuable element to the account window for better financial management.

Customization Options:
It might be beneficial to explore customization options, allowing users to choose which columns are visible in their account window. This way, users can tailor the view to their specific preferences.

Integration with Transactions:
Consider integrating the balance column with transaction details. Having a running balance that updates with each transaction entry can offer a real-time view of the account's financial activity.

User-Friendly Design:
Ensure that the implementation is user-friendly and doesn't clutter the interface. A well-designed balance column should enhance usability without overwhelming users with information.

Feedback Mechanism:
Implement a feedback mechanism within the application, allowing users to share their thoughts on the new feature. User feedback can provide valuable insights for future updates.

Software Updates:
Communicate clearly about the introduction of the balance column through software updates. Provide users with information on how to make the most of this new feature.

If there are specific software or financial management applications you're referring to, please let me know so I can offer more tailored advice. Your input is invaluable in shaping the ongoing improvements to the platform.

Thank you for contributing to the enhancement of our services. I'm eager to hear more about this suggestion and how it might positively impact the user experience.

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Richard Sutton (rsutton43) said :

What he said! (Raoof) In addition, the the Online Help for version 5.7.2 shows a Balance column in the Account Window. I just can't figure out how to make it appear on my screen.


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Richard Sutton (rsutton43) said :

I have solved the Balance field not displaying. I found that the Balance field displayed in all my Linux instances, and Windows 10; but not any Windows 11 machines.

It turns out that my Preferences file had somehow gotten messed up. Apparently, displayed columns are encoded in the Preferences. Exactly which entries, I have no clue. So, I copied the Preferences file from Mint 21-2 to windows, then edited the Preferences File Folder s to have Windows paths instead of the Linux ones. My HomeBank now works like I want it to and the Balance field appears where it should.