Explanation of the 'Cleared' column in 5.5-rc

Asked by Richard Sutton

In the 5.5-rc prelease, the main page shows account columns for Reconciled, Cleared, Today, and Future. What is the explanation of the Cleared column? I can't figure out how it is calculated.

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Stan (stanvan) said :

When you look at each account (checking, savings, etc), you have a "gray checkmark" option (Cleared) and a "green checkmark" option (Reconciled). Personally, I never use the "Cleared" option, but it lets you see what items have been processed at your bank, yet have not been reconciled with a new bank statement. That seems like too much work for me to keep up with, but others may like that ability. For me, the "Future" column is more important between statements... that is the balance to be careful with so as not to overdraw my account.

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Richard Sutton (rsutton43) said :

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'm aware of what Cleared means and I do use it as my transactions clear the bank. What I want to know is how this sum is created on the HomeBank main page. It is CLEARLY not the sum of the presently cleared trans action in my account.

If I click on the account and select 'Status: Cleared, I get five (5) transactions that are marked Cleared:
125.00 42.27 9.37 15.77 26.13 (which equals 218.54 yet back on the main page the Cleared column of my account shows 1258.08 !

This is clearly not the balance of cleared transactions.


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Best Stan (stanvan) said :

Hi Richard, I'm sorry that I wasn't clear enough. (Is that a pun?) ;-)

The Cleared column balance = Reconciled balance +/- any transactions with the Cleared checkmark applied.

If I apply the Cleared checkmark to all pending transactions that have truly cleared my bank, then it should match the Today balance. The Future balance may be different, as when waiting for an online purchase or bill pay to clear, or a scheduled deposit.

If I apply the Cleared checkmark to ALL pending transactions (even if they have not yet cleared my bank, then it should match the Future balance.

The Cleared balance is not a sum of cleared transactions... it is your Reconciled bank account balance, plus/minus pending deposits and debits.



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Stan (stanvan) said :

Hi again Richard,

I just noticed a new thing, if you don't like the Cleared column. In the upper left corner of that main accounts window is a small little "gear" icon. If you right-click on that icon, you have checkboxes that will allow you to turn off the Cleared column, or any of them.

Since I don't use the Cleared checkmarks, this is great for me. The Today column basically is my cleared balance anyway.


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Richard Sutton (rsutton43) said :

Thanks Stan,
My problem was that I assumed that the 'Cleared' values where the sum of the Cleared transactions. Actually, looking at my online bank balance, I realize that this balance is exactly equal to HomeBanks 'Cleared' value (since I do use Cleared check marks). Of course, Homebanks Today field is different since I have written checks that have not reached the bank, yet. I think that overall I like the new columns and headings much better than v5.4.3.

Yes, I'm aware of the new little settings icon. That is very neat to be able to chose what to display. I really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this program. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this effort.

I am marking this question "Solved".

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Richard Sutton (rsutton43) said :

Thanks Stan, that solved my question.