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Asked by Stephen Ware

Hi, Is there a method of viewing an 'expense' category on 'Where my money is going' Pie chart for an internal transfer ? I have tried several methods but it appears to be coded as a non visible category in this particular instance


I have a regular current account and several cash savings accounts. Set up a monthly scheduled transfer from my current account to savings account via internal transfer with a category of 'Savings'. This is not showing up on the pie chart although it is a set up as an expense. I am aware that strictly speaking its not an expense as the money is just moved to an adjacent account with an internal transfer (And my money pot remains the same overall) and presume this by design. I would however would like some method of tracking my monthly savings proportion on 'Where my money is going' Pie chart as it is an outgoing payment despite not an actual expense

The only workaround i can see is setting up two scheduled transactions. One expense from my current account which goes out completely on Direct Debit with an associated similar Payee name and an expense category and then a second transaction Direct Debit income into my Savings account with a Income Category. This however seems to create problems with showing correctly on the pie chart when flipping between category and subcategory (And is a bit of a Kludge involving two separate transactions!)

Possibly as a solution (If code-able) on the dialogue window 'Add Transaction' when toggling 'transfer' option the top this shows a check box adjacent to Category for 'including in reports.

If i have missed something obvious, apologies

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Best Maxime DOYEN (mdoyen) said :

The home where your money goes is to give you an overview and yes the internal xfer, as there are not a move of your money to a third party are excluded.

You can do this with the statistics report, by re-enabling the xfer from the filter first, as for the same reason they are exclude d by default.

I'm working on saved filters feature, and probably you will be able to use one of them soon to tune this report as well.

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Stephen Ware (stephenware) said :

Hi, Thanks for the prompt response, that worked fine on the reports section, I seemed to have missed the filter for xtransfer as it was under 'status'menu item. I have combined it with some tags to group all the expenses v Savings

A save feature for for the filter selection would also seem to be useful in the future as its seems to lose its settings after switching report window out.

The reporting part of Homebank is excellent and certainly one of the highlights.

Many thanks for a great app

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John Mansfield (mansfam) said :

I am also having the same issue with internal account transfers being dropped from the filter once you go out of the window. It would be great to have the option to save filter options? Thank you.