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Is it possible to remove a wrong entry/ an error?
1. I have two accounts, business ( money comes in and professional expenses go out) and personal ( I transfer some money every month to run home expenses). For some reason it is showing the money transferred from business to personal as an expense thus doubling my expenses. How do I correct this?
2. If I have added an expense and forgot to add a negative sign in front of it, can I edit it/ correct it?

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Maxime DOYEN (mdoyen) said :

just delete or edit wrong entries from the register

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SANJAY AHLAWAT (sanjayahl3699) said :

I am able to see the wrong entry, but when I right click on it or left click on it, there are no options for me to change/ alter / delete the entry.

Problem still not solved.

please advise in steps:

step 1 > go to step two and right click - select option x > right click and select option y , do pqr then > step 3.

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Paul White (paulw2u) said :

Sanjay, sorry for the late response. Are you still having problems changing and deleting transactions?

As you didn't tell us which version of Homebank you are using it is difficult to advise.

To edit a transaction you just double-click on a transaction, change what you need to and click on 'OK'.

To delete a transaction there are several options depending on your version of Homebank. Select the transaction and do one of the following:

1) Press the 'delete' key
2) Click on the delete icon (x in a red circle) at the foot of the account screen
3) From 'Transaction' menu click on 'Delete'
4) Right click and select 'Delete'.

I think the last one or two options are recent additions so you probably don't have them if you are not using a recent release of Homebank. The latest version is 5.4.2.

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SANJAY AHLAWAT (sanjayahl3699) said :

1. Problem solved.
2. I am running 5.0.3
3. How do I get the latest version?

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SANJAY AHLAWAT (sanjayahl3699) said :

How do I get Home Bank version 5.4.2?

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Best Paul White (paulw2u) said :

Unfortunately you didn't tell us which operating system you are using but should help.

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SANJAY AHLAWAT (sanjayahl3699) said :

I have 5.0.3 on my Linux Ubuntu laptop, that was the only one that appeared. But when I downloaded it just now onto my Windows Laptop I saw it showed 5.4.2 which i have downloaded to the latter.

Thank you for the help. I used to consider myself computer savy 20 years ago but now at the age of 53 I feel daunted a lot of times in non Window environments but those environments are what make things interesting and challenging.

thank you for your detailed help with transaction amendments. One day I hope to be a Home Bank Ambassador!

best wishes

Sanjay Ahlawat