XFR one account to another account external?

Asked by David Oldfield on 2020-01-03

I have HomeBank on my desktop, use it for my Backing and Credit Card needs. My concern is as follows:
How do I transfer or export a File "Credit Card" to an external HD having similar name, except it is on my FreeAgent hard drive and is used as a backup file only.

Do I export, or Import or simply Save As when updating to my external HD?

Looking for Instructions only.

Thank You.

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Best Maxime DOYEN (mdoyen) said : #1

For backup purpose, copy the file after you have closed it on your desktop (so from windows file explorer)
Or just set you fileagent drive as the backup (need to be plugged anytime you open the file) and configure the backup from the preference
From the program itstelf, save as will save the file to a new name (and/or location), but this save as is not devoted to achieve that.

David Oldfield (greencooncat) said : #2

Yes the instructions works just fine. It seamed very easy to follow, without any ticks.
Thank you for all your help.
Respectively; David Oldfield
Have a good DAY!