Release date HB 5.3?

Asked by Kristof Schlemmer on 2019-12-21

Hello Maxime,
could you please let us know when you are actually planning to release version 5.3?
I just can't wait, as it will bring some improvements that are really useful to me. The "expected" date on the Launchpad branch does not seem to be a meaningful one, maybe automatically generated?
Thank you for this great piece of software, and keep up the good work!

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Mistyk (skrzynkapanamarcina) said : #1

The release date of version 5.3 was shifted three Times now. It has already shifted by 3 months and is still uncertain. It would be good if Maxim informed the community about real dates. I suggest creating a release plan with dates that are very real and not quite loose. I understand that the software is free, but it feels as if Maxim did not care at all about postponing releases for many months. Take care of the community and the community will take care of you.

Maxime DOYEN (mdoyen) said : #5


Well let me tell you a secret: I have not reinvented the wheel, I am making a release very logically when:

- the code is done
- the code is debugged and stable
- the code is tested with valgrind
- the documentation is updated
- the translators have worked a sufficient percentage of the new strings, which very very few have done in the past 3 months ... (community?)

I manage the first 4 actions completely alone, and believe me, it takes time, a large part of my spare time, which I actually devote to it for free to be precise.

You know, open source developers like me also have: a job, a family, in short a life like any of you with ups and downs. We are only humans and not machines, we also sometimes need to take a break or are forced to do it for one of our loved ones, or we just want to spend our time in a different way, so goes life.

So finally, in order not to offend sensitive people about expected release date, I will no longer announce any, after all, like any open source developer, I don't owe anyone anything, I'm free.