HomeBank accounting program on Linux Mint 19.1 mate

Asked by peter on 2019-03-29

I have installed HomeBank 5.2.3 on a Linux Mint 19.1 mate 64 bit system. Data has been imported from GNUCash which seems fine. New data has been entered. Most of my data is in split transactions, often with several different categories and sub-categories. It all look pretty good.

I can not figure out how to write a report which properly deals with the categories in these split transactions. The budget report is the only one I see which seems to put out data which I need. Actually all I really want or need is a list of each category and sub category total for a specified period. I must be able to export this, or better, copy it to the clipboard. I can then get this into a spreadsheet and can manipulate the data into the form I need. I will apply a budget outside of HomeBank on the spreadsheet. I have done this with data from both GNUCash and MSMoney.

There must be a way for HomeBank to collect every transaction or part of split transaction which is assigned to each account. Any extra sorting or inclusions or exclusions would be be welcome but can be done on the spreadsheet outside HomeBank. I have not be able to find this. It may just be a simple function or report or something else. The problem seems to be that a split transaction reports the total of the entire transaction for the amount for each category into which it is split.

What am I missing? How can I get the simple list of the total for each category over a specified time. This should end up adding u to the total of all transactions. for that period. Simply changing the Budget report to "sub categories" does not hlep.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Best Maxime DOYEN (mdoyen) said : #1

use the statistic report for that
where you can copy result to clipboard

peter (diachun) said : #2

Thanks Maxime DOYEN, that solved my question.