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Asked by Ron on 2008-11-30

Will HomeBank v4.0 eventually have the "Split Transactions" option added to the Transaction Input Screen soon ??

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Maxime DOYEN (mdoyen) said : #1

There is a bug opened for that #140504. But I did not target it for any release for the moment.
Anyway, many users have requested it so I will probably do it for the next release (4.1).

mikedoth (mikedoth) said : #2

I'd love this feature myself, I'm just now realizing how much i'd like to break down transactions into smaller chunks for my budgeting.

david pardue (kalwisti) said : #3

I'm a new user of HomeBank, and am currently using ver. 4.1 in my Pardus 2009 installation. I have entered approx. 2.5 months' worth of data into the program and am trying to become more familiar with it.

I have a semi-workaround for the split transaction issue -- although I imagine this probably violates every known principle of accounting. For example, if I have written a check for $86.00 at the local Super Target store (a US-based department-type store which also sells groceries) and that amount was split between different expense categories, I create separate transactions for each relevant category. For example:

11/03/2009 check # 4662 target $38.00 Clothing
11/03/2009 check # 4662 target $34.00 Food:Groceries
11/03/2009 check # 4662 target $14.00 Household Items

It's not a clean solution, but the program allows you to do it (i.e., it does not protest that there are duplicate check numbers) and this way, you can better track expense categories.

stives23 (bmarshstives23) said : #4

I would like to be able to split monthly income to my Sea Scout Group into at least 3 elements.
1 for recording income to be passed to Scout HQ
2 for recording income towards running costs of the facilities
3 for recording income for Scout subscriptions.
These would need to be automatically applied each month. Currently I use Quicken 98 on XP but until I have this functionality I cannot move to Homebank which would be my prefered option on an upgrade path.

stives23 (bmarshstives23) said : #5

Sorry for the delay in replying.

I have checked my current Quicken system for the last two years and find
that every month I have single Payments in from Parents for up to two
children and this is split into 6 lines, 3 for each child see attachment
Lack 20100801.

The longest I have seen so far is seven lines for 7 items being paid on
one cheque (see attached 20091126)

>From this I would like to suggest that ten lines would be a minimum as
far as I am concerned. I have looked at Quicken and it seems that they
allow 30 lines, which is probably excessive.

Hope this helps.

Brian Marsh
Group Treasurer 2nd St Ives Sea Scouts

On Thu, 2011-01-13 at 20:18 +0000, Maxime DOYEN wrote:
> Bug #140504 status changed in HomeBank:
> Triaged => Confirmed
> Status change explanation given by Maxime DOYEN:
> I will study this more closely soon. Right now I finalize the v4.4.
> WHat would you consider the needed split for each transaction, can it be
> fixed to let's say 4 or 5, more, less ?
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/homebank/+bug/140504
> "wish: (low) category split for transaction"
> This bug is linked to #53064.
> Split Transactions
> https://answers.launchpad.net/homebank/+question/53064

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