WHY: website homebank.free.fr do not use https (TLS support)

Created by Maxime DOYEN
TLS website https security
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Maxime DOYEN

It's quite simple, the host of the website HomeBank is my historical provider of Internet access since 1999 offering free hosting BUT that does not currently provide any TLS support.

The only solution would be to change host for one of those who offers support TLS, but this has several disadvantages for me:

1) the SEO impact and exposure on the web, the current URL is known and very well referenced, a migration would be complex and probably detrimental, even transiently

2) the ideal would be that the project is, like other open source software, hosted under the domain homebank.org, BUT unfortunately this DNS is currently owned by a speculation company that sell it > $2700

So no hurry for now to me, but I am thinking about this.