force Fullscreen=True possible with the API ?

Asked by Elie Soubrié on 2012-01-12

Hi Keith,

Happy new year!

I would like to know if there is any "hidden" parameter that I could use to let the helioviewer open directly in fullscreen mode?
For example, something like this :[SDO,AIA,AIA,171,1,100],[SOHO,LASCO,C2,white-light,1,100]&Fullscreen=True

Otherwise, is there any way to obtain the same behaviour?



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Best Keith Hughitt (keith-hughitt) said : #1

Hi Elie,

There isn't a way to achieve that now, but that is a really good idea and something I have never thought of before. I will file a feature request and see if I can add that for the next "release" around March.

Are there any other features that you think would be useful to include? Mind if I ask how you are using the API?


Elie Soubrié (elie-soubrie) said : #2

Hi Keith,

That would be great if it could be included in the next release!

At IAS (, we are building a new web interface to our locally archived SDO data.
This interface will be used to let users query our database and download the selected SDO fits files.
We are thinking about giving for each FITS result a link to the corresponding image that can be viewed through your helioviewer interface.
Our web site will use the Sitools2 framework (which uses ext.js) and there seems to be no problem to open helioviewer in an ext.js window :-)
But we would like to "hide" the helioviewer buttons and the youtube stuff... That's why the fullscreen mode at start would be nice...

Thanks for your very tool !


Elie Soubrié (elie-soubrie) said : #3

Thanks Keith Hughitt, that solved my question.

Keith Hughitt (keith-hughitt) said : #4


Have you considered the screenshot API? That might be helpful if you only interested in displaying a preview image, e.g.:[SDO,AIA,AIA,304,1,100]&imageScale=9.6&x1=-1228.8&y1=-1228.8&x2=1228.8&y2=1228.8&display=true


Of course you are welcome to link to if you want to give users more ability to explore the data.

Elie Soubrié (elie-soubrie) said : #5

Yes, actually, that's what we started to use, but the ext.js window that display the image is so small (512x512) that you really want to enable the zoom/pan feature that the helioviewer automatically provides...