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Asked by supertess

how do i import already existing midi files into harmony, or is it even possible to do so.

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Rafał Cieślak (rafalcieslak256) said :

This is not possible, and probably never will be. harmonySEQ operates on short loops, repetitive melodies and only some MIDI files might be imported. Even then, proper import would be incredibly difficult to achieve. harmonySEQ is not intended to process MIDI files, it's more like a classic hardware sequencer. If you need to edit MIDI files, I recommend you tools like Rosegarden or Qtractor. harmonySEQ is just designed for other purposes.

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Nareto (rennabh) said :

hello, why this? seq24 (which as far as I can see has many common points with harmonyseq), for example, can do this. And IMHO it sounds like a fairly normal user case; for example I've got a bunch of hydrogen patterns which I carefully crafted which I can export to midi and I'd like to control them from within harmonyseq... this won't be possible?

also, is it possible to enter notes in a pattern each with a different velocity? that's very important for drum parts, to make the drum sound more realistic.

other than these little concerns with pattern editing, I like very much the idea behind this project and the simple way in which it is implemented... thank you!


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Rafał Cieślak (rafalcieslak256) said :

This is because the way harmonySEQ is organized will allow only to apply some specific types of melodies. Notice that while hydrogen does have a 'song mode' it is not available (and probably never will be) in harmonySEQ. HarmonySEQ operates only on repetitive patterns, and importing a MIDI file with a complicated melody would require guessing how to divide the melody into short loops, which is impossible. Moreover, harmonySEQ maximum resolution is 64 notes / bar, which is far less than MIDI file's.

About different velocities: this is impossible at the moment, but one of the nearest upcoming releases will feature a new, piano-roll interface, which will easily allow to assign any velocity you want to all notes.

I am happy to hear you find harmonySEQ interesting, thank you!

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Nareto (rennabh) said :

oh yes, I see what you mean now. But what I was thinking was importing not whole hydrogen songs, but single patterns, which are similar in lenght to loops (it may not be 64 notes but 128 or something similar though).

Also (this is totally unrelated) it would be useful if sequencers were also able to send MIDI CC and program changes; that way it would be easy to control from harmonyseq other software (like change effects presets and parameters in say rakarrack or jack-rack)

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Rafał Cieślak (rafalcieslak256) said :

Yep, I have considered that options, and I think it's quite possible it will also appear in nearest future.

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Rafał Cieślak (rafalcieslak256) said :

@Nareto (rennabh): I have reminded that you have requested a feature in harmonySEQ that would allow to output MIDI CC messages, and an ability to apply different velocities to all notes. Well, I'm sending this comment just to let you know that both these features are available in the latest harmonySEQ release (0.16), and if you are still interested, you can download it from

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Nareto (rennabh) said :

Rafal, you have good memory ;) I had read your recent announcement on LAU and was planning on getting back to harmonyseq when I get some time... thanks for reminding me!

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