Distributing hamachi together with haguichi?

Asked by Saša Tomić on 2010-06-15

I had this crazy idea that it would be nice to have hamachi distributed together with Haguichi. I don't know if it's possible or not, but I just had to ask. :)


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Best Stephen Brandt (ztefn) said : #1

That would only be possible if Hamachi is released under GPL or compatible license. :)

For your information, there is a script that downloads and installs Hamachi and Haguichi (or some other GUI) for you:

Saša Tomić (tomic80) said : #2

I've seen that one, and I installed hamachi on one clean Ubuntu with web-upd8 script which is just a slight modification of portalbuntu's script.
I was just thinking of having to install one package instead of a script+package.
It would be pretty nice to have to install Haguichi package on Ubuntu if you want to have hamachi VPN.

What do you think about adding the installer script to the Haguichi package? Or re-implementing its functionality?
Would that be doable maybe?

Eduardo Parra (soker) said : #3

l'm the author of Portal Ubuntu, I think release a version with graphical interface of the script, but is still in a very early version.

Saša Tomić (tomic80) said : #4

that would be nice to have. But in any case I prefer having zero-interaction installation and configuration of everything. Sure a GUI is nicer than executing a bash script, but installing a package for example (e.g. in Synaptic) that would after download and install hamachi - now that would be my preferred approach.
Anyway, this is just my opinion. Please don't take it too seriously. :)
And I want to thank you too for creating a hamachi installer. I used to do everything manually - and this is waaaay easier!!! :D

Stephen Brandt (ztefn) said : #5

I have thought about an Hamachi installation wizard at startup when Hamachi is not installed, but there are some major issues. For example, installation is not consistent across distributions and platforms (sudo or su, upx-ucl sometimes needed, etc). And I think Haguichi will never be included in distribution repositories if it installs (proprietary) software outside the package manager.

Saša Tomić (tomic80) said : #6

Yeah, you're probably right there.
Naaah, like I said.... it was just a crazy idea.... :)
In any case I'm completely and absolutely happy the way things are now.
If only we can motivate Eduardo to keep the script running with new Ubuntu versions - all problems solved! :)