Gwibber doesnt display the message

Asked by Shane Fagan on 2009-06-14

I have my details and all in but when I get an update from twitter it doesnt show it on the gwibber window but it shows the message in notify-osd. So it gets the message but if its a long one I cant read it. Im on ubuntu karmic.
Does anyone know what is wrong?


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Jason Liquorish
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Brian J. Cohen (brianjcohen) said : #1

This is happening for me as well. I get notify-osd messages about new tweets, but my Gwibber Messages and Replies tabs are empty. It stopped working sometime late last week, I believe.

I had this problem on Jaunty when I started using the webkit PPA. I solved it by moving from the gwibber-team PPA to the gwibber-daily PPA.

Thanks Jason Liquorish, that solved my question.

Brian J. Cohen (brianjcohen) said : #4

@Jason, @Shane -

It's true that the daily builds do not seem to have this problem, but I wouldn't consider this solved. Switching to the daily builds introduces other issues and unpredictable behavior that come with tracking unstable branches.

That said, I'm hopeful that whatever was causing the problem has been identified and that the fix will make it into the next stable release.

Brian, I only recommend the daily builds as a temporary fix due to the reasons you listed. The problem seems to be that Gwibber does not get on well with the new webkit that is in the webkit PPA which should hopefully be fixed in the next release. I am comfortable running the daily builds as the bug is a show stopper and I do not mind random behaviour from the the unstable.