Gwibber seems to default to one account when sending replies & messages

Asked by Craig Huffstetler on 2009-05-07

I am having an issue wrapping my head around how Gwibber handles messaging.

Right now I only have two accounts setup:

- One for Twitter
- One for

It seems that no matter what I do it defaults replies and messages to -even if- the reply is meant for a Twitter user (and Gwibber recognizes that the incoming message came from a Twitter user).

Why does it do this?

I know in choqoK for example there was a tabbed interface so it kept them separate. Twhirl also kept the accounts separate via windows. Now, Gwibber keeps them separate via colors. So:

- For replies: I would expect hitting "Reply" would reply to the "correct" account because Gwibber has already recognized the origination/source of the message (in my case -- either Twitter or
- For simple outgoing messages: Shouldn't there be a source to select where I am sending it to?

Am I missing something simple?

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Ilkka Laukkanen
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Best Ilkka Laukkanen (ilkka) said : #1

This is something that bothers me too, so I started working on it (among other things) in It's working now, the only thing missing is to recreate the buttons when the accounts list changes, which I haven't been able to find a place for yet.

Ilkka Laukkanen (ilkka) said : #2

Also, I believe replies are (at least in trunk) sent to only the account that the original message came from: it's just that the target account isn't indicated in the UI at all. Segphault said that he's been thinking about how to best do that.

Craig Huffstetler (xq) said : #3

Thanks Ilkka Laukkanen, that solved my question.

Craig Huffstetler (xq) said : #4

Thanks! That works wonderfully. I just wish they would add it to the main source tree or come out with a better solution to the current handling. It's very confusing that they can "handle" multiple accounts, but at the same time they really *can't.*