Asked by Lyndon Washington on 2010-03-15

Does Gwibber support instances? Is it the same as laconica support? If so, I have installed an instance on a URL similar to:

How would I setup an account in gwibber for this?


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Daniel Wiberg
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Daniel Wiberg (dannew) said : #1

Gwibber from daily-PPA supports adding account where you can specify the server.

Lyndon Washington (hoshposh) said : #2

daily-PPA? Is that a daily build repository?

Best Daniel Wiberg (dannew) said : #3

Yes, that is correct. It can be installed with 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwibber-daily/ppa' in Karmic.

It is also available in the version included in Lucid Lynx due to be released soon.

Lyndon Washington (hoshposh) said : #4

Thanks for the information. I will wait for this to bubble up to my distribution, OpenSuSE, eventually.

Daniel Wiberg (dannew) said : #5

What version do you currently have? In earlier versions the account type is called '' which is the old name of, you can specify the server with those versions too.

Lyndon Washington (hoshposh) said : #6

So, the original question did note that I was using a version of Gwibber that had support. What I was originally asking was if I installed to the following url:, what would I need to enter in the account information to get it to work correctly?

Do I need to have installed at the root of a domain, or in the url field in the account information am I supposed to enter some kind of an api url?

Daniel Wiberg (dannew) said : #7

Sorry I misread your question, should work just fine, I have tested it in 2 different versions.