Where to submit .desktop-file?

Asked by Hendrik Knackstedt on 2010-10-10

Where can I submit the .desktop-file for gufw which I translated into German?

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costales (costales) said : #1

We do it! ;)
You only need translate the main branch:
In each new version we will update the translations ;)
Best regards and thanks!

Hendrik Knackstedt (hennekn) said : #2

Ok, well I did translate it there but even though there was a new update released the German translation was not included. I initally translated the two strings sometime in June 2010, intime for Maverick release, and changed them again today. But in Maverick the strings are still in English. How can that be if they are imported from there?

Best costales (costales) said : #3

Hi! :) I import usually in the first version, in this case Gufw 10.10.0 (not in Gufw 10.10.1).
These "initial" versions are created 5/6 months before.
Your translations will be included in Gufw 11.04.0 :)
Best regards.

Hendrik Knackstedt (hennekn) said : #4

Thanks Costales, that solved my question.

costales (costales) said : #5

@Hendrik: Thanks you for your work ;)

costales (costales) said : #6

Gufw updated the menu translations, but I created a bug for remember check this point in the next version ;)

costales (costales) said : #7

Hi Hendrik. Could you test the new version, please?
Thanks in advance!
for try (in the terminal):
sudo apt-get install bzr
cd ~/Desktop
bzr branch lp:gui-ufw
cd gui-ufw
sudo python setup.py install

If you want remove this beta:
sudo apt-get install gufw
sudo apt-get purge gufw
sudo apt-get install gufw

Best regards and thanks for your feedback!

Hendrik Knackstedt (hennekn) said : #8

Hi Costales!

The translation for the .desktop-file works fine now. Thanks!

costales (costales) said : #9

Thanks to you ;) I confirm you that you'll have the last version in Ubuntu Natty (in beta1) ;)