[hamster plugin] Can I automatically populate hamster tags/categories?

Asked by darren on 2010-01-29


I'm not sure if this is currently possible or not, but would be very grateful for any advice.

My tasks (mostly ;) all get two tags, one to indicate the project they belong to, and one to indicate what type of work it is.
So (for example) I might have these tasks:

gtg title gtg tag 1 gtg tag 2
---------------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------
Learn how to do hypnosis [take-over-the-world] [research]
Amass an army [take-over-the-world] [development]
Mow the lawn [fix-the-garden] [implementation]
Decide what flowers to plant [fix-the-garden] [research]
Become world overlord [take-over-the-world] [implementation]

At the moment, my tasks get sent to hamster so that 'hamster activity' = gtg tag 1, and 'hamster description' = gtg title. Is there any way I can also get 'hamster tag (ie category)' = gtg tag 2?

Many thanks

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darren (d-jones) said : #1

Apologies, the formatting in my previous table isn't very clear. Hope it's still understandable. thanks

Kevin Mehall (kevin-mehall) said : #2

This isn't currently supported. However, the next version of Hamster will include support for attaching tags to records. See . I'll keep your use case in mind when deciding how to make the GTG plugin support Hamster tags.

darren (d-jones) said : #3

Hi Kevin, that would be great, thanks a lot.

Kevin Mehall (kevin-mehall) said : #4

This has actually now been implemented in the latest version of the plugin in trunk, and will be in the upcoming GTG 0.2.2. You can now customize the way in which the various GTG fields map to Hamster activity names, categories, descriptions, and tags.