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Asked by zerwas on 2009-06-04

Hello GTG team,

Is there a way you can suggest to synchronize tasks? I love the way to have my tasks available everywhere with "" in combination with the application "Tasque".

I could save the directory on Dropbox for example but then i would still need to have Linux and GTG on a public computer which is often kind of not easy to solve.

Thanks in advance for answers.

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Hi zerwas,

Unfortunately, right now, we don't have ways of synchronizing through web services like RTM, vitalist, etc. However GTG was designed with this in mind and we sure want to be able to use those in the future. There are many bugs opened for this.

Right now I am synchronizing my tasks by using a decentralized version control system. Dropbox could indeed by a nice solution too.

Hope this helps.

ktulu77 (ktulu-highwaytoacdc) said : #2


I have a Dropbox account. How can I tell to GTG to save my data on my Dropbox folder ?

Thank you for your help.

GTG save its data in the folder pointed by the $XDG_DATA_HOME environment variable. You could, for instance, start GTG with this command:

XDG_DATA_HOME=<path to your dropbox folder here> gtg

Please note that I don't use Dropbox, and I don't know how the sycnhronizing mechanisms is performed, I hope your dropbox folder fully behave itself like an ordinary folder for all applications of your computer. This trick might only work in that case.

ktulu77 (ktulu-highwaytoacdc) said : #4

Ok, thank you very much, this trick should work well :)

netrunner (netrunner) said : #5

With Dropbox you can also use symbolic links on your Dropbox folder that point to the gtg folder.
Here is a link explaining how to do it:

Luca Invernizzi (invernizzi) said : #6

we now have an experimental plugin for syncing to . You could use that to sync your various installations of GTG , but be aware that your mileage may vary now. It will be improved in the "near" future.

netrunner (netrunner) said : #7

Hi Luca, thanks for the info. I'll check it out.

Pierre Cuomo (cuomo-pierre) said : #8

Hello everybody, I'solved this problem by moving GTG's folders in "UbuntuOne" and by doing a link into my home's folder.
Thank you for this wonderful soft!

Luca Invernizzi (invernizzi) said : #9

That is going to work as long as you don't use both installations of GTG at the same time.

Daniel Dolinov (imlad) said : #10

Tasks sync between GTG and RTM with the following problems:

1. tags don't sync - I got the impression from the plugin description that they do, but they don't seem to.
2. Notes don't sync either



Luca Invernizzi (invernizzi) said : #11

Correct, they don't in the current version. they will be in the upcoming 0.3.
Two separate bugs have already been opened on that.

zerwas (zerwas) said : #12

Thanks Bertrand Rousseau, that solved my question.