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Asked by mrk on 2012-02-13

Guys, please let me first congratulate you all with upcoming release. I believe it would be awesome! Thank you a lot for your hard work!
I'm packaging GTG for FreeBSD and, since liblarch was pulled out of GTG code base to independent package, i need liblarch tarball to create a new GTG dependency package. It has a nice site with cute pictures, but there is no reliable download source, that FreeBSD users could use for downloading :(. Would you please release liblarch tarball untill 0.2.9 itself? How about putting it on PyPi? It will be a great help for GTG packagers.

Thank you!

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mrk (cvs-src) said : #1

Actually, even version/branch tagging on github will do. Because github will create versioned tarballs on demand. But PyPi or Gnome ftp is a best choice.

Hi mrk,

We will upload some tarballs today. You took us by surprise in the middle of our work ;-)

mrk (cvs-src) said : #3

Thanks a lot! I'm sorry, but it's better to ask for this sooner then later :)

Izidor Matušov (izidor) said : #4

mrk> Don't forget that GTG 0.2.9 will be based on branch lp:~gtg/gtg/gtg-0.2.9 (not on trunk). Differences are not so big: removed problematic RTM backend, Evolution backend and removed pocketmod template for Export and print plugin. They don't work and will be (hopefully) repaired before releasing GTG 0.3

mrk (cvs-src) said : #5

Yeah, I see that it was last merged just 16h ago, but thanks for clarification. Afaik pockedmode wasn't there in 0.2.4/0.2.5, so users will not miss it. Evolution and RTM were, but the improvements of 0.2.9 fully cover this little problems :)

@mrk : don't hesitate to update when packages are done

mrk (cvs-src) said : #7

Oh, thanks! GTG will need both liblarch and liblarch-gtk, correct?
I have no access on gnome sites so I will not be able to edit it myself.
But here is how this will looks like.

Right now we have this page
It have instructions on how to install GTG from FreeBSD ports.
There will be analogues pages for liblarch and liblarch-gtk in "devel" category soon.
But GTG users actually not need to know anything about liblarch - it will be installed as dependency automatically.

I tell you when it will be done.

mrk (cvs-src) said : #8

And one more question. Does this two libs are python3 ready?

mrk (cvs-src) said : #9

Just added them into the FreeBSD ports tree:

As far i understand (by quick checking the source) they are not yet python3 compatible. py-liblarch needs py-gobject as dependency, and py-liblarch_gtk needs pygobject and pygtk2.

And answering to my previous question - yes, GTG need both liblarch and liblarch_gtk :).
Thanks. This question is now really solved.