How to import old xml file from previous GTG installation?

Asked by Martina de la Cruz on 2010-09-13

I recently had to wipe my computer. Before doing so, I backed up my home directly. Now, I would like to get all my old tasks into my new gtg installation. The xml filenames are different, so just overwriting won't work. I tried renaming my file, but it only keeps gtg from launching at all. I am syncing with remember the milk, but I have several nested tasks, and syncing back with rtm doesn't keep those, obviously.

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Luca Invernizzi
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Best Luca Invernizzi (invernizzi) said : #1

Hi martina,
from what you've written, it seems that you know where files are located for GTG, so explaining will be easier.
Remember to keep a copy of the xml, in case anything goes wrong (it shouldn't, anyway).

=== Reset RTM sync ===
Before all, delete .local/share/gtg/plugins/rtm-sync/ . Explanation (you can skip it): that's where the mapping between your GTG tasks and the RTM tasks is located. If you restore your old xml file, the Rtm plugin will assume that you deleted all your old tasks and added a bunch of new tasks (because it cannot know that you "messed" with the xml). If you just delete that file, you'll be fine.

=== Restore old tasks set ===
- close GTG
- Go to your ~/.local/share/gtg folder
- place your xml there, name it any way you like (let's say tasks.xml)
- open projects.xml in that directory (gedit will do the job perfectly)
- find the row starting with <backend filename=" (it should be the third)
- replace the ' filename="SOMECODE.xml" ' with ' filename="tasks.xml" ', or the name you've chosen
- reopen GTG.

Martina de la Cruz (tyamar) said : #2

That was perfect! Thank you! That trick really saved me loads of time. I'll definitely remember that for next time.