Sync Google/GMail tasks with Getting Things Gnome

Asked by Andre on 2010-06-07

GtG is really amazing! I appreciate the sync with RTM very much. What about syncing tasks with GMail/Google? I've seen a blueprint ( ), but I'm not sure if this is what I'm looking for. Google tasks appear in GMail as well as in the calendar, one can specify due-dates that will appear in the calendar as entries, too.

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Luca Invernizzi
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Best Luca Invernizzi (invernizzi) said : #1

Hi Andre.
Unfortunately, Google has yet to provide an API to access Google Tasks from third party applications [0]. This would be a killer feature, but it's not really doable without the API (unless someone wants to interpret the web page [1], but it would be a mess and the best we could to would probably be importing the tasks).


Andre (ajx) said : #2

Thanks Luca Invernizzi, that solved my question.

Andre (ajx) said : #3

Ok, I see. I was just thinking, this would be possible somehow since I've used gTasks on Android:

Steffen Sindzinski (stesind) said : #4

Any progress in google task integration! Since remember the milk wants money on android I don't have a way to sync my taks between gnome and android yet and this feature would be great.


Michal (mekmar) said : #5

@ Steffen - Sorry, for writing it here, but this can be answer for your question. And may be helpful for others.
There's way to sync RTM list. I use app called Astrid for this. It has RTM backend and is quite good workaround of lack of gtask sync. Astrid is free of cost.

Daniel Holm (danielholm) said : #6

Looks like an API is on its way.

Michal (mekmar) said : #8

That's indeed great news, since RTM+Astrid Combo is no more usable (actually, you could use castrated version of Astrid, but it's not worth playing...). If this is going to work, I'm not going to renew my RTM subscription :) Waiting for the news.
PS. Glad to see, that my favorite task list app is alive :)

Luca Invernizzi (invernizzi) said : #10

finally :)

Andre (ajx) said : #11

I've opened a new bug report ( concerning the Tasks sync