How to include pfsense in a grub menu through grub-customizer?

Asked by Hal on 2016-03-25

I have copied a pfsense partition from a functional system onto a computer's hard disk drive where I already have Linux Mint 17.2 and grub-customizer already installed and everything up-to-date. I want to be able to dual-boot between Linux Mint and pfsense. (I intend to use pfsense only occasionally for leaning purposes).
I have quite a bit of experience with grub-customizer and boot-repair software, thus although I don't know grub in depth I have always been able to move system partitions around, resize them, move them to new drives, repair them etc as needed.
But so far I have not been able to dual boot between Linux and pfsense.
My question is: why grub-customizer can't detect pfsense? (I understand that pfsense is using grub as a boot loader although FreeBSD has its own boot loader).
Thanks for any help.

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Grub customizer doesn't detect operating systems. It just reads the output of grub-mkconfig. Thus I cannot tell you why it isn't found by os-prober.

However you say there's grub installed. In this case you can create a custom menuentry of type "chainloader" to achive this.

Also make sure the boot menu visibility on settings tab is enabled.

Hal (haleakalas) said : #2

Thank you for your quick reply.
What I noticed is that Gparted (in Linux Mint) can't read the content of the pfsense partition either. Therefore it simply shows a partition without being able to identify its format, how much of it is used or available, label, etc. It looks like it can't understand the partition format.
Yet, when I bring up Linux Mint, it sees the pfsense partition and mounts it as a read only volume. Then I can verify that it has /boot and grub etc.
I am now wondering if i am not missing a file system driver for pfsense's native file system (which, in fact i don't even know what it is...)
I'll keep digging. Thanks again.

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